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6247QFQBugClosedNormalClass File.php: php function 'each' (line 92) is deprecated - replaceElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

5392QFQSupportClosedNormaldatetime: Format invalid messageElias Villiger08.02.2018 13:10

Related to #5308, Related to #4437
5450QFQFeatureClosedNormalDB Exception: highlight problematic text position, SQL syntax highlightElias Villiger13.10.2018 11:13

Related to #6992
6300QFQFeatureClosedNormalDisable 'preview' button, if parameter for 'required new' is given.Elias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

6249QFQFeatureClosedHighDrag and drop for SubrecordsElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

4922QFQFeatureClosedNormalExcel Import via PHPElias Villiger13.10.2018 14:16

Related to #7103
6596QFQSupportClosedNormalExport Excel: rewrite to render the QFQ tt_content directly, instead of by using 'file_get_contents'Elias Villiger08.10.2018 20:19

6646QFQBugClosedNormalextraButtonInfo: not working for Radio, SelectElias Villiger11.09.2018 15:52

6647QFQBugClosedNormalextraButtonInfo: unwanted barElias Villiger08.09.2018 15:43

6911QFQBugClosedNormalFE.type=afterInsert: always fired, even on record updateElias Villiger13.10.2018 14:19

Related to #7094
3129QFQFeatureClosedHighForm-DesignElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

6281QFQBugClosedNormalFormElement / column 'note': token '#!report' - STORE_RECORD does not workElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

5878QFQFeatureClosedNormalFormElement / column 'note': token '#!report' - strip whitespacesElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

6314QFQFeatureClosedNormalHTML Email: flag to enable / disable HTML modeElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

5308QFQSupportClosedNormalInput dateTime: time might be optional Elias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

Related to #5392
5309QFQSupportClosedNormalInput dateTime: 'min|max date' brokenElias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

Related to #5467, Related to #3614
2064QFQSupportClosedNormalInput Elemente die als JSON response 'value=false' bekommen, zeigen 'false' an.Elias Villiger27.02.2017 14:18

Related to #2931, Related to #3253, Related to #3426
4542QFQSupportClosedNormalInput Type: DecimalElias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

8851QFQFeatureClosedNormalnew logmode: modifyAllElias Villiger06.03.2020 12:24

6690QFQSupportClosedNormalOffer 'tablesorter' in subrecordsElias Villiger15.09.2018 19:15

6645QFQSupportClosedNormalPDF Download via {{'d:..' AS _link}} brokenElias Villiger15.09.2018 11:48

5403QFQFeatureClosedNormalPills: Tooltip on tabElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

1261QFQFeatureClosedHighQF: Spalten sortierbarElias Villiger15.09.2018 11:04

Related to #1262
6229QFQBugClosedNormalQFQ tt-content icon: broken in T3 V7 versionElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

Related to #3294
6333QFQFeatureClosedNormalqfq.log: IP Address, PHP session, QFQ cookieElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

Related to #5458
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