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3413QFQSupportClosedNormalForm ohne Pill hat kein padding am Rand.Carsten Rose23.03.2017 18:01

3463QFQSupportClosedNormalform.mode=readonlyCarsten Rose29.03.2017 21:55

Related to #3464
3425QFQSupportClosedNormalForm.parameter, FormElement.parameter: comment handling, trailing & leading spacesCarsten Rose25.03.2017 11:47

3008QFQSupportClosedNormalForm/Subrecord: NEW - funktioniert nichtCarsten Rose30.01.2017 23:53

3461QFQSupportClosedNormalForm: Edit record mit id = '7Antrag weiter bearbeiten'Carsten Rose08.06.2017 10:56

1931QFQSupportClosedNormalForm: FE 'subrecord' zeigt keinen 'new' Button an wenn es keine Subrecords gibt.Carsten Rose29.04.2016 15:07

4108QFQSupportClosedNormalFormEditor: Record Locking26.07.2017 12:26

Related to #3981
3462QFQSupportClosedNormalFormElement.parameter: requiredList not ok for non numeric content.Carsten Rose29.03.2017 19:47

3459QFQSupportClosedNormalFormElement: sanatize input via htmlentitiesCarsten Rose04.06.2017 09:22

3855QFQSupportClosedNormalFrage zu a) QfqForm.js, b) window.location.replaceRafael Ostertag11.08.2017 09:08

9924QFQSupportClosedHighfullCalendar: events do not start on full hourBenjamin Baer02.02.2020 23:01

Related to #8658
3414QFQSupportClosedNormalGesamtes Form schmaler machen - das gesamte Form in ein 'col-md-XX' wrappenCarsten Rose25.03.2017 00:21

9636QFQSupportClosedNormalgs-8.71: decrypt PDFCarsten Rose04.12.2019 00:22

Is duplicate of #9512
3066QFQSupportClosedNormalhelp-text with-errorCarsten Rose17.02.2017 11:19

3224QFQSupportClosedNormalHtml Tag <hr> als FormElement. >> htmlBefore | htmlAfterCarsten Rose17.02.2017 15:14

Has duplicate #3231
4498QFQSupportClosedHighInput Date / Datetime: a) width not 100%, b) Button Lock ist nach Form Load nicht Lock sondern open.Benjamin Baer14.09.2017 15:34

5308QFQSupportClosedNormalInput dateTime: time might be optional Elias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

Related to #5392
5309QFQSupportClosedNormalInput dateTime: 'min|max date' brokenElias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

Related to #5467, Related to #3614
2064QFQSupportClosedNormalInput Elemente die als JSON response 'value=false' bekommen, zeigen 'false' an.Elias Villiger27.02.2017 14:18

Related to #2931, Related to #3253, Related to #3426
3569QFQSupportClosedHighInput Optional '0' unterdruecken05.06.2017 23:17

3466QFQSupportClosedNormalInput Typeahead: optional only allow specified inputCarsten Rose31.03.2017 16:34

4278QFQSupportClosedUrgentLanguage: Check that language settings are respectet a) during dynamic update, b) inside of container / pill / fieldset / templateGroupCarsten Rose28.08.2017 23:10

3456QFQSupportClosedNormalLDAP: with Credentials to access 'webpass'Carsten Rose28.03.2017 21:19

3546QFQSupportClosedNormallean: Internal Server ErrorCarsten Rose10.04.2017 23:47

6854QFQSupportClosedNormalLog 'feUser' change to qfq.logCarsten Rose30.09.2018 17:40

Related to #6766
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