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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
7282QFQBugRejectedHighDynamic Update: Select / Enum - after update always default valueCarsten Rose09.12.2018 17:19

1896QFQSupportClosedHighEnable Button 'Save' auf Tastendruck: <input, type=date / datetime-local / time>Rafael Ostertag25.04.2016 15:58

8116QFQBugClosedHighError Dialog: Button to edit current FE does not workCarsten Rose22.05.2019 13:17

7001QFQBugClosedHighError message: if 'modeSql' fails, error message does not contain a reference to the causing FE.Carsten Rose07.12.2018 00:30

10905QFQBugNewHighExtraButtonInfo: broken for Select ListCarsten Rose23.07.2020 10:43

9531QFQBugNewHighFE File: Dynamic Update / modeSql / required detected even it not setCarsten Rose09.01.2020 13:25

8098QFQBugClosedHighFE retype: 'retypeLabel' - on english page shown in germanCarsten Rose02.07.2019 19:26

7165QFQFeatureClosedHighFE User Registration: Konzept fuer Implementierung via QFQCarsten Rose18.02.2019 16:51

9424QFQSupportClosedHighFE.modeSql: fired even it is a comment! Only during form save!Carsten Rose17.12.2019 01:12

7431QFQBugClosedHighFE.type=afterSave (FE Action): SQL won't report the causing Rose09.12.2018 18:11

7432QFQBugClosedHighFE.type=afterSave: fillStoreVar not available.Carsten Rose09.12.2018 15:19

Related to #5665, Related to #5856
7434QFQBugClosedHighFE.type=beforeLoad / sqlValidate: Validation message not shown to userCarsten Rose09.12.2018 15:57

Related to #5665, Has duplicate #7652
7089QFQBugClosedHighFE.type=extra: value already set in SIP storeCarsten Rose14.12.2018 17:32

4431QFQFeatureClosedHighFE.type=note: QFQ Report SyntaxCarsten Rose10.09.2017 21:08

9347QFQBugNewHighFE.type=upload with dynamic show/hidden: required not detectedCarsten Rose01.02.2020 23:22

Related to #5305
7620QFQFeatureClosedHighFE: Label - text-align: rightCarsten Rose17.01.2019 23:11

4413QFQFeatureNewHighfieldset: show/hidden, modeSql, dynamicUpdateCarsten Rose01.02.2020 09:52

9244QFQFeatureNewHighForm Load / Multiple Pills: the Pill with missing required values to frontCarsten Rose01.02.2020 23:22

Related to #6232
3129QFQFeatureClosedHighForm-DesignElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

8067QFQFeatureClosedHighForm.forward: url-sip / url-sip-skip-historyCarsten Rose18.03.2019 09:40

9668QFQFeatureNewHighForm.mode: rename 'hidden' to 'hide'Carsten Rose01.02.2020 23:22

Related to #6437
3464QFQBugClosedHighform.mode=readonly. For subrecords, checkbox, radio, templategroupCarsten Rose18.02.2019 16:54

Related to #3463, Related to #4426, Related to #4428
8058QFQBugClosedHighForm/fillStoreVar: broken for TemplateGroupCarsten Rose15.03.2019 13:04

3470QFQFeatureClosedHighForm: 'Hit Enter' = save() Carsten Rose30.04.2018 17:51

9520QFQBugNewHighForm: border around form - button 'save' is not inside the outer borderCarsten Rose01.02.2020 23:22

Has duplicate #7011
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