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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
1225QFQFeatureClosedNormalT3 extension erstellen fuer Typo3 6.x oder 7.xCarsten Rose11.04.2016 09:35

Precedes #1226
5886QFQBugSome day maybeUrgentT3 internal links: 'id' necessary for Typo3 v801.02.2020 23:19

7949QFQBugClosedNormalTable MailLog: missing 'cc,bcc'Carsten Rose05.03.2019 10:47

1262QFQFeatureClosedNormalTable: Spalten filterbar, sortierbar, ein-/ausblenden, Reihenfolge, Setting per UserElias Villiger15.09.2018 11:46

Related to #1261, Follows #1259
9130QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormaltablesorter: Automatic Row numbering / ZeilenummerBenjamin Baer01.02.2020 23:22

6970QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormaltablesorter: default fuer 'sortReset' aendern von 'Ctrl' zu 'Alt'Benjamin Baer01.02.2020 23:21

7284QFQFeatureClosedHightablesorter: save sort order / column selection on serverCarsten Rose02.07.2019 19:29

Has duplicate #8172
10506QFQBugNewHighTemplate Group broken on MultiDB instanceCarsten Rose07.05.2020 17:56

Related to #10505
4548QFQBugClosedNormalTemplate Group: 'form-update' broken - max tg element value/index shown after save instead of last user supplied value, but save is ok.Carsten Rose17.09.2017 15:42

Related to #4549
4445QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormaltemplate group: Option to siimulate fieldset11.12.2019 16:02

3925QFQBugClosedHightemplateGroup / non primary / delete records: only one at a time.Carsten Rose17.06.2017 14:38

3433QFQSupportClosedNormaltemplateGroup on primary Record: Values of removed copies are not deletedCarsten Rose26.03.2017 23:34

3230QFQSupportClosedNormaltemplateGroup: Abstaende zwischen Elementen.Carsten Rose17.02.2017 15:13

3249QFQSupportClosedNormaltemplateGroup: after clicking 'remove' the 'save'-button is still not active.Rafael Ostertag22.03.2017 12:49

3411QFQSupportClosedNormalTemplateGroup: Delete Button ist vertikal nicht algnedBenjamin Baer23.03.2017 11:05

3882QFQBugSome day maybeNormaltemplateGroup: disable 'add' if limit is reached - funktioniert nicht wenn bereits records existiertenCarsten Rose11.12.2019 16:03

7521QFQFeatureNewNormalTemplateGroup: fe.type=uploadCarsten Rose01.02.2020 23:21

Related to #9706
3223QFQSupportClosedNormaltemplateGroup: Fuer ZGSM werden Formularelemente bei denen der User durch Klick auf '+' weitere Rows erzeugen kann.Carsten Rose24.02.2017 18:19

3399QFQSupportClosedNormaltemplateGroup: Hide 'add' if limit is reachedRafael Ostertag23.03.2017 12:43

3385QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormaltemplateGroup: insert/update/delete non primary recordsCarsten Rose11.12.2019 16:02

3912QFQBugClosedHightemplateGroup: max. 5 instances are saved.Carsten Rose16.06.2017 23:04

7705QFQBugClosedHightemplateGroup: Wrong Value After Save And Update (also '%d')Carsten Rose13.01.2020 00:08

3502QFQSupportClosedNormalTemplateGroups: Checkboxen werden beim ersten Speichern (insert) nicht geschrieben - ein anschliessendes Update ist okCarsten Rose04.04.2017 21:24

4549QFQBugSome day maybeNormalTemplateGroups: FE.type SELECT loose selected value after saveCarsten Rose01.02.2020 23:20

Related to #4548, Related to #4771
8056QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalTermin Organisation (Reservation)01.02.2020 23:19

Related to #8658
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