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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
4757QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalTest subrecord: download links ok? Links ok?Carsten Rose01.02.2020 23:20

9521QFQFeatureClosedNormalTextarea: auto height 'on the fly'Benjamin Baer08.11.2019 15:14

Related to #7682
9638QFQBugClosedNormalTextArea: Autosize - broken when using clipboardBenjamin Baer02.02.2020 23:02

7402QFQBugSome day maybeNormalthumbnail cache: outdated picture when permission denied and permission resolved.01.02.2020 23:20

5425QFQFeatureClosedNormalthumbnail: render mode 7Carsten Rose30.04.2018 18:00

5452QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalThumbnails from PDF: bad quality01.02.2020 23:20

4900QFQSupportClosedNormalThumbnails: Report & Form - create on the flyCarsten Rose30.04.2018 18:00

Related to #4901, Related to #5333
4120QFQFeatureClosedNormalTimeout AlertCarsten Rose31.07.2017 19:03

Related to #3981
5677QFQBugClosedNormalTinyMCE does not work in QFQ 0.25.14Carsten Rose30.04.2018 18:00

7239QFQFeatureNewNormalTinyMCE: html tag whitelistCarsten Rose01.02.2020 23:21

7974QFQBugClosedNormalTinyMCE: readonlyCarsten Rose17.12.2019 01:13

8278QFQBugClosedNormalToo long GET var crashes QFQCarsten Rose22.05.2019 13:17

4357QFQBugClosedNormalTooltip for class 'link': should re rendered, even if render mode only show textCarsten Rose30.04.2018 17:54

9968QFQFeaturePriorizeNormalTooltip in Links for DeveloperCarsten Rose01.02.2020 23:17

8044QFQFeatureNewHighTransaction: a) Form, b) ReportCarsten Rose01.02.2020 09:52

Related to #8043
1983QFQSupportClosedHighTrigger QFQ Alert: via JS Code aus ReportCarsten Rose24.05.2016 11:09

3281QFQFeatureClosedNormaltrim / noTrimElias Villiger13.10.2018 14:15

5895QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalTutorial: List of all QFQ Features01.02.2020 23:19

5456QFQFeatureClosedNormalTWIG als Template Engine fuer Report SyntaxMarc Egger17.07.2019 11:44

3369QFQSupportClosedNormalTypeaheadCarsten Rose28.03.2017 21:07

5894QFQFeatureToDoNormalTypeahead in Report: show/hide rows dynamicallyBenjamin Baer01.02.2020 23:21

Related to #5893, Related to #5885
3895QFQBugSome day maybeNormaltypeahead pedantic: on lehrkredit ldap webpass - if only one person is in dropdown, such person can't be selectedCarsten Rose11.12.2019 16:03

10145QFQFeaturePriorizeNormalTypeAhead(Tag): min length =0 / data-typeahead-initial-suggestionMarc Egger18.05.2020 10:16

10117QFQBugClosedNormalTypeAhead: After Save JSON is shown (not the tags)Carsten Rose05.04.2020 16:21

4309QFQSupportClosedHightypeahead: allow free entryBenjamin Baer28.08.2017 20:02

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