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6944QFQFeatureClosedNormalSQL hint: double commaElias Villiger13.10.2018 14:17

Related to #6661
4050QFQFeatureNewNormalsql.log: 1) FormElement ID which causes a specific action , 2) Result in the same row.Carsten Rose15.04.2020 11:35

Related to #5458
3941QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalsqlAfter: es sollten mehrere moeglich seinCarsten Rose11.12.2019 16:03

Related to #3942
4026QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalsqlLog.sql: log number of FE.idCarsten Rose11.12.2019 16:03

Related to #5458
9129QFQFeatureNewNormalsqlValidate: Message as notification, not as errorCarsten Rose01.02.2020 23:22

Related to #9128
9089QFQFeatureClosedHighStore Procedure: maybe it's better to use 'SECURITY=INVOKER' instead of ' 'SECURITY=DEFINER'Carsten Rose21.09.2019 19:33

10152QFQFeatureClosedNormalStored Procedure to escape : and ,05.04.2020 14:16

10379QFQFeatureClosedNormalStored Procedure: SLUGIFY()Carsten Rose30.04.2020 11:39

6721QFQFeatureClosedNormalSTORE_USER: copy/get vars to/from User sessionCarsten Rose13.10.2018 14:47

Related to #6866, Has duplicate #5978
4405QFQFeatureClosedNormalSubmit Button active/disabledBenjamin Baer09.01.2020 10:59

4421QFQFeatureClosedNormalsubrecord: column of the sql1 row should go into the edit linkCarsten Rose08.09.2017 15:39

3432QFQFeatureNewNormalsubrecord: dynamicUpdateCarsten Rose11.06.2020 21:10

Related to #5691
8187QFQFeatureNewNormalSubrecord: enable/hide new button - make new/edit/delete customizeable.Carsten Rose27.10.2020 16:00

Related to #11326
5876QFQFeatureClosedNormalsubrecord: head for column 'edit' / 'delete'Elias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

4428QFQFeatureClosedNormalsubrecord: mode=readonlyCarsten Rose09.09.2017 00:41

Related to #3464
4429QFQFeatureClosedNormalsubrecord: new FE parameter 'subrecordTableCass'Carsten Rose09.09.2017 11:57

4812QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalSubrecord:detect system/typo3 varnames in 'detail' like 'id', 's', 'form', 'type'01.02.2020 23:20

4424QFQFeatureClosedNormalSupport::wrapTag - should wrap mutliple tagsCarsten Rose09.09.2017 21:29

10114QFQFeatureNewNormalSymbol (Link): 'G:' (Glyphicon) replaced by 'i:' (icon)12.03.2020 11:03

Related to #3797
3402QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalSyntax Highlighting via CodeMirrorCarsten Rose11.12.2019 16:02

Related to #3207
4258QFQFeatureSome day maybeHighSystem Defaults: FormsCarsten Rose11.12.2019 16:03

1225QFQFeatureClosedNormalT3 extension erstellen fuer Typo3 6.x oder 7.xCarsten Rose11.04.2016 09:35

Precedes #1226
1262QFQFeatureClosedNormalTable: Spalten filterbar, sortierbar, ein-/ausblenden, Reihenfolge, Setting per UserElias Villiger15.09.2018 11:46

Related to #1261, Follows #1259
9130QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormaltablesorter: Automatic Row numbering / ZeilenummerBenjamin Baer01.02.2020 23:22

6970QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormaltablesorter: default fuer 'sortReset' aendern von 'Ctrl' zu 'Alt'Benjamin Baer01.02.2020 23:21

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