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1930QFQFeatureClosedNormal(a) start > New Record > (b) modify > '+' & save > (c) modify > close + save: springt auf (b). Wunsch: (a)Rafael Ostertag30.08.2017 10:23

1982QFQSupportClosedNormalAlerts mit Frage: sollte modal seinRafael Ostertag24.05.2016 09:12

1622QFQSupportClosedNormalBack Button: Formularfelder sind bei https anschliessend leer.Rafael Ostertag11.04.2016 09:41

3928QFQSupportClosedHighchromedriver aus package.json entferntRafael Ostertag07.08.2017 10:37

1951QFQSupportClosedHighClient: bei *allen* Formelementen wird 'required' gesetzt.Rafael Ostertag10.05.2016 09:38

3980QFQSupportClosedHighClient: Bei Form Submit den Status 'submit_reason=save|save,close' mitsendenRafael Ostertag04.08.2017 08:48

Related to #3981, Related to #3987
1966QFQSupportClosedNormalClient: warn before loosing unsaved dataRafael Ostertag10.05.2016 13:35

3397QFQSupportClosedNormalDBQ2 / QFQ: SQL Schluesselwoerter gross schreibenRafael Ostertag23.03.2017 11:30

1896QFQSupportClosedHighEnable Button 'Save' auf Tastendruck: <input, type=date / datetime-local / time>Rafael Ostertag25.04.2016 15:58

1929QFQFeatureClosedNormalForm > Save > Error: Tab mit problematischem Feld sollte aktiviert werden.Rafael Ostertag10.05.2016 15:03

956QFQFeatureClosedNormalForm: Moeglichkeit das man das Formular als Redakteur sofort bearbeiten kann.Rafael Ostertag19.10.2015 12:56

3855QFQSupportClosedNormalFrage zu a) QfqForm.js, b) window.location.replaceRafael Ostertag11.08.2017 09:08

1621QFQFeatureClosedNormalPill: Back button >> activate last active pill againRafael Ostertag11.02.2016 15:43

3700QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ - Web Penetration TestingRafael Ostertag12.05.2017 15:37

1868QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ / Client: save.php wird aufgerufen, auch wenn 'required' eines Formelments nicht erfuellt istRafael Ostertag26.04.2016 15:34

1874QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ: 'New' Button - Hinweis TextRafael Ostertag11.05.2016 09:03

Blocked by #1975
1798QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ: 'New' Button sollte hinweisen das Daten verloren gehenRafael Ostertag20.04.2016 10:48

1881QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ: Falls moeglich 'press return'=save()Rafael Ostertag10.05.2016 14:27

3981QFQFeatureClosedHighRecord LockingRafael Ostertag30.08.2017 09:59

Related to #3980, Related to #4148, Related to #4127, Related to #4185, Related to #4174, Related to #4172, Related to #4144, Related to #4120, Related to #4108
3465QFQSupportClosedHighSave button: optional 'active after form load'Rafael Ostertag30.03.2017 08:09

3207QFQSupportClosedNormalSyntax Hightlight (SQL) - CodeMirrorRafael Ostertag22.03.2017 15:24

Related to #3402
3249QFQSupportClosedNormaltemplateGroup: after clicking 'remove' the 'save'-button is still not active.Rafael Ostertag22.03.2017 12:49

3399QFQSupportClosedNormaltemplateGroup: Hide 'add' if limit is reachedRafael Ostertag23.03.2017 12:43

3924QFQSupportClosedNormalUpdate der Third Party JS Libs: Best PracticeRafael Ostertag27.06.2017 12:43

3616QFQSupportClosedNormalUser Session uebergeben an wkhtmltopdfRafael Ostertag18.05.2017 08:44

8601QFQBugRejectedHighAfter PSR4 migration: autocron.php can't be loadedMarc Egger09.01.2020 10:40

7452QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalautomate deployment new QFQ versionMarc Egger01.02.2020 23:19

7534QFQFeatureRejectedNormalBitte 'extension/Vendor' min. eine Ebene hoeher schiebenMarc Egger18.02.2019 16:52

8520QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalBring QFQ to ComposerMarc Egger01.02.2020 23:22

7454QFQBugRejectedNormalDrag'n'Drop: throws 'general' Error in Version '18.12.0'Marc Egger23.12.2018 13:40

Is duplicate of #7464
11265QFQSupportPriorizeNormalDropdown Menu: wrap with '<p>' breaks menuMarc Egger09.10.2020 10:31

7410QFQSupportClosedNormalEinarbeitung QFQMarc Egger11.12.2018 10:02

7228QFQFeatureClosedNormalError if multiple 'real' FE exist with same fe.nameMarc Egger17.01.2019 23:11

10554QFQBugPriorizeNormalextraButtonLock: seems to be brokenMarc Egger15.10.2020 10:27

Related to #10173
10754QFQBugPriorizeNormalfail: make doc-local Marc Egger22.06.2020 18:18

7453QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalimport / export forms QFQMarc Egger01.02.2020 23:21

7502QFQSupportClosedNormalMakefile 'bootstrap' anpassen nachdem Vendor/composer.json verschoben wurdeMarc Egger08.01.2019 18:02

Related to #7537
8101QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalPassword hash: support further hashing methodsMarc Egger01.02.2020 23:19

7863QFQFeatureClosedNormalpill title red: 'FE.mode=required'Marc Egger17.12.2019 01:12

9487QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalqfq / gitlab integrationMarc Egger11.12.2019 16:01

8586QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalQFQ: Enhance Error message for 'record not found'Marc Egger23.04.2020 17:33

3522QFQFeaturePriorizeHighQFQ: Selenium QFQ TestsMarc Egger20.01.2020 09:06

9600QFQFeaturePriorizeNormalReport als FileMarc Egger18.08.2020 11:27

Related to #9602
7537QFQSupportClosedNormalRevert to use composer in qfq/Resources/Private againMarc Egger30.01.2019 09:07

Related to #7502
5456QFQFeatureClosedNormalTWIG als Template Engine fuer Report SyntaxMarc Egger17.07.2019 11:44

10145QFQFeaturePriorizeNormalTypeAhead(Tag): min length =0 / data-typeahead-initial-suggestionMarc Egger18.05.2020 10:16

10116QFQFeaturePriorizeNormalTypeAhead: Tag - show inside 'input' elementMarc Egger21.02.2020 08:44

2065QFQFeatureClosedNormaladdnupdate: Als 'action'-FormElement implementiertElias Villiger01.06.2016 10:56

5064QFQFeatureClosedNormalBetter date input validation for dates.Elias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

5106QFQBugClosedNormalBS Radio readonly: still selectableElias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

6247QFQBugClosedNormalClass File.php: php function 'each' (line 92) is deprecated - replaceElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

5392QFQSupportClosedNormaldatetime: Format invalid messageElias Villiger08.02.2018 13:10

Related to #5308, Related to #4437
5450QFQFeatureClosedNormalDB Exception: highlight problematic text position, SQL syntax highlightElias Villiger13.10.2018 11:13

Related to #6992
6300QFQFeatureClosedNormalDisable 'preview' button, if parameter for 'required new' is given.Elias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

6249QFQFeatureClosedHighDrag and drop for SubrecordsElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

4922QFQFeatureClosedNormalExcel Import via PHPElias Villiger13.10.2018 14:16

Related to #7103
6596QFQSupportClosedNormalExport Excel: rewrite to render the QFQ tt_content directly, instead of by using 'file_get_contents'Elias Villiger08.10.2018 20:19

6646QFQBugClosedNormalextraButtonInfo: not working for Radio, SelectElias Villiger11.09.2018 15:52

6647QFQBugClosedNormalextraButtonInfo: unwanted barElias Villiger08.09.2018 15:43

6911QFQBugClosedNormalFE.type=afterInsert: always fired, even on record updateElias Villiger13.10.2018 14:19

Related to #7094
3129QFQFeatureClosedHighForm-DesignElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

6281QFQBugClosedNormalFormElement / column 'note': token '#!report' - STORE_RECORD does not workElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

5878QFQFeatureClosedNormalFormElement / column 'note': token '#!report' - strip whitespacesElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

6314QFQFeatureClosedNormalHTML Email: flag to enable / disable HTML modeElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

5308QFQSupportClosedNormalInput dateTime: time might be optional Elias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

Related to #5392
5309QFQSupportClosedNormalInput dateTime: 'min|max date' brokenElias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

Related to #5467, Related to #3614
2064QFQSupportClosedNormalInput Elemente die als JSON response 'value=false' bekommen, zeigen 'false' an.Elias Villiger27.02.2017 14:18

Related to #2931, Related to #3253, Related to #3426
4542QFQSupportClosedNormalInput Type: DecimalElias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

8851QFQFeatureClosedNormalnew logmode: modifyAllElias Villiger06.03.2020 12:24

6690QFQSupportClosedNormalOffer 'tablesorter' in subrecordsElias Villiger15.09.2018 19:15

6645QFQSupportClosedNormalPDF Download via {{'d:..' AS _link}} brokenElias Villiger15.09.2018 11:48

5403QFQFeatureClosedNormalPills: Tooltip on tabElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

1261QFQFeatureClosedHighQF: Spalten sortierbarElias Villiger15.09.2018 11:04

Related to #1262
6229QFQBugClosedNormalQFQ tt-content icon: broken in T3 V7 versionElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

Related to #3294
6333QFQFeatureClosedNormalqfq.log: IP Address, PHP session, QFQ cookieElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

Related to #5458
3868QFQFeatureClosedNormalReadonly Formular: Textarea - ist auch ein langer Text sichtbar?Elias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

4432QFQFeatureClosedHighSave whole 'Form Submit'-request as JSON in a logElias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

Related to #4433, Related to #4439, Related to #4438, Related to #5458, Related to #2361, Has duplicate #3996
5318QFQFeatureClosedNormalsendmail: extend token to speaking namesElias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

Related to #5316
6944QFQFeatureClosedNormalSQL hint: double commaElias Villiger13.10.2018 14:17

Related to #6661
6661QFQSupportClosedNormalSQL hint: Unknown column '...' in 'on clause'Elias Villiger13.09.2018 14:42

Related to #6944
5876QFQFeatureClosedNormalsubrecord: head for column 'edit' / 'delete'Elias Villiger21.09.2018 22:30

6621QFQBugClosedNormalsubrecord: title shiftet one column to the right, if there ist no 'new'Elias Villiger13.09.2018 15:02

1262QFQFeatureClosedNormalTable: Spalten filterbar, sortierbar, ein-/ausblenden, Reihenfolge, Setting per UserElias Villiger15.09.2018 11:46

Related to #1261, Follows #1259
3281QFQFeatureClosedNormaltrim / noTrimElias Villiger13.10.2018 14:15

5285QFQSupportClosedNormaltypeaheadSql: key/value seems not to workElias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

Related to #5444, Related to #5472
4996QFQFeatureClosedNormalUpdate QFQ Logfile when a new QFQ version is installed.Elias Villiger01.09.2018 17:00

Related to #5458
2073QFQFeatureClosedNormal'action'-Element 'beforeDelete' kann verwendet werden um Delete Forms zu implementierenCarsten Rose08.04.2017 23:09

7864QFQFeatureClosedNormal'FE.mode=required' & 'formModeGlobal=requiredOff' >> still indicate 'required'Carsten Rose18.02.2019 16:51

5942QFQFeaturePriorizeNormal'L' and 'type': append to links, generate via '_link' by using 'u:' .Carsten Rose01.02.2020 10:13

7404QFQBugRejectedHigh'Record Lock' on timeout forbids saveCarsten Rose02.12.2018 19:26

1226QFQFeatureClosedNormal'report' einbauenCarsten Rose11.04.2016 09:31

Follows #1225
3910QFQBugClosedNormal'submitButtonText' not shownCarsten Rose14.06.2017 17:19

4049QFQFeatureClosedUrgent'{{...}}' with default valueCarsten Rose30.04.2018 18:00

5768QFQBugSome day maybeNormal'{{pageLanguage:T}}' missing if QFQ is called via api Carsten Rose01.02.2020 23:19

4092QFQBugSome day maybeNormal1) Logging verbessern wann welches FE warum ausgefuehrt wird, 2) Documentation: Best Practice Template GroupCarsten Rose01.02.2020 23:19

Related to #3504
5978QFQFeatureClosedNormal1) New store: User, 2) new special column name: _setValueUserCarsten Rose18.02.2019 16:52

Is duplicate of #6721
3536QFQSupportClosedNormala) Datum (datetime / timestamp) werden nicht angezeigt, b) Angezeigte Datumsformat String und aktzeptierte Eingabe matchen nichtCarsten Rose09.04.2017 16:39

3666QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormala) Performance Messung: mysql_real_escape_string() im Vergleich zu str_replace(), b) doppeltes Aufrufen von mysql_real_escape_string()Carsten Rose11.12.2019 16:02

10751QFQFeatureClosedNormalaccept image as source to concatenate PDFCarsten Rose14.06.2020 13:54

3942QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalAction Elemente: neu generierte IDs via FE weitergebenCarsten Rose11.12.2019 16:03

Related to #3941
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