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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
3773QFQSupportClosedNormalButton: Info / Unlock / ShowPasswordCarsten Rose25.05.2017 19:39

Related to #3565, Related to #3564
4185QFQSupportClosedNormalDetect modified recordCarsten Rose14.08.2017 12:55

Related to #4184, Related to #3981
3218QFQSupportClosedNormaldownload.php / exportCarsten Rose04.06.2017 09:15

Related to #2959, Related to #3600, Related to #3615
6596QFQSupportClosedNormalExport Excel: rewrite to render the QFQ tt_content directly, instead of by using 'file_get_contents'Elias Villiger08.10.2018 20:19

7112QFQSupportClosedNormalfabric: configure default colorCarsten Rose28.10.2018 14:07

9424QFQSupportClosedHighFE.modeSql: fired even it is a comment! Only during form save!Carsten Rose17.12.2019 01:12

9074QFQSupportClosedNormalfillStoreVar: seems not to parse nested QFQ queryCarsten Rose21.09.2019 19:33

Related to #7838
7702QFQSupportClosedNormalForm/FE: Unnecessary evaluation of column 'noteInternal' / 'adminNote'Carsten Rose28.01.2019 12:33

4542QFQSupportClosedNormalInput Type: DecimalElias Villiger30.04.2018 18:00

10705QFQSupportClosedNormalLogging to qfq.log broken on save with empty uploadCarsten Rose14.06.2020 13:54

9990QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ Doc: describe order of FECarsten Rose02.02.2020 22:59

7604QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ Version: 00:03

7834QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ Version: 19.2.0Carsten Rose09.02.2019 23:36

7909QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ Version: 19.2.1Carsten Rose19.02.2019 12:16

8276QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ Version: 19.5.0Carsten Rose03.05.2019 23:11

8524QFQSupportClosedNormalQFQ Version: 19.6.0Carsten Rose16.06.2019 14:28

9655QFQSupportClosedNormalRadio / Checkbox: multi line - set min-widthCarsten Rose28.11.2019 23:53

2560QFQSupportClosedNormalRich Text Editor: TinyMCECarsten Rose06.10.2016 23:57

6790QFQSupportClosedNormalsome test to close issue automatically on git commitCarsten Rose21.09.2018 00:05

3253QFQSupportClosedNormalSTORE_TYPO3: steht waehrend Update / Save nicht zur Verfuegung - wird aber benoetigt. Bsp: feUser, beUser, pageId, ...Carsten Rose27.02.2017 12:30

Related to #2064, Related to #3130
3854QFQSupportClosedNormalWrong final page: a) New > Save > Close, b) New > Save > Delete, c) New > NewCarsten Rose04.06.2017 23:48

Related to #3853, Related to #3530
9275QFQBugNewNormalautcron: t3 page, which takes to long to respond, is not reported properlyCarsten Rose01.02.2020 23:22

10919QFQBugClosedNormalAutoCron: fillStoreSystemBySql1|2|3 not filledCarsten Rose06.09.2020 23:40

7514QFQBugClosedNormalbroken defaults in _pdf, _file, _linkCarsten Rose23.12.2018 17:39

Related to #4293
7891QFQBugClosedHighClick on extraButtonInfo triggers 'required' warningCarsten Rose28.11.2019 23:53

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