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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
5891QFQFeatureRejectedNormalAfter logout: destroy sip store18.02.2019 16:53

Related to #6866
7011QFQBugRejectedHighButton 'Einreichen' erscheint doppelt - Rahmen Pill falsch - GRC / Form: RequestPM09.01.2020 10:42

Is duplicate of #9520
899QFQFeatureRejectedNormalFormulareditor : Vergleich mit Acrobat Wie man Formularfelder erfasst deren Auswahl voneinander abhängig ist.26.05.2016 21:57

5883QFQFeatureRejectedNormalPagination in Report09.09.2019 18:15

947QFQFeatureRejectedNormalQF: Default Layout Settings fuer Formular: Template Funktioalitaet implementieren.26.05.2016 22:00

9477QFQBugRejectedHighClick on 'more' of QMORE() triggers a refresh of a pageBenjamin Baer06.11.2019 18:31

6610QFQFeatureRejectedNormalJS: Rebranding von 'Droplet' zu 'Formlet'Benjamin Baer09.01.2020 10:57

7404QFQBugRejectedHigh'Record Lock' on timeout forbids saveCarsten Rose02.12.2018 19:26

7094QFQBugRejectedHighbeforeLoad: sqlValidate fired even during saveCarsten Rose09.12.2018 21:40

Related to #6911
3797QFQFeatureRejectedNormalDiese Icons in QFQ verwenden? light-bulbCarsten Rose05.04.2020 14:17

Related to #10114
8460QFQBugRejectedHighDropdown Menu: multiple 's' breaks Carsten Rose12.06.2019 12:14

Related to #8348
4081QFQFeatureRejectedNormalDynamic Update 'show / hidden / readonly / required'Carsten Rose18.02.2019 16:54

Is duplicate of #7109
7282QFQBugRejectedHighDynamic Update: Select / Enum - after update always default valueCarsten Rose09.12.2018 17:19

4282QFQBugRejectedUrgentDynamic Update: Update broken wenn mehrere Felder in einer Row sind.Carsten Rose30.04.2018 18:00

Is duplicate of #4771
4019QFQFeatureRejectedNormalnl2br, striptags, htmlentities: additional indiviudal columnnamesCarsten Rose24.11.2019 23:33

8946QFQSupportRejectedUrgentqbar broken, qifempty missingCarsten Rose28.08.2019 23:27

9627QFQSupportRejectedNormalQFQ Version: 19.11.2Carsten Rose09.01.2020 13:29

8172QFQFeatureRejectedHighReport: Spalten dynamisch ein/ausblenden und filterbar machenCarsten Rose19.06.2019 19:40

Is duplicate of #7284
7919QFQFeatureRejectedNormalRest API Export: primary table / indexCarsten Rose22.02.2019 21:13

10150QFQBugRejectedNormaltypeAheadTag: pedantic=0 does not workCarsten Rose05.04.2020 14:16

Related to #9517
8601QFQBugRejectedHighAfter PSR4 migration: autocron.php can't be loadedMarc Egger09.01.2020 10:40

7534QFQFeatureRejectedNormalBitte 'extension/Vendor' min. eine Ebene hoeher schiebenMarc Egger18.02.2019 16:52

7454QFQBugRejectedNormalDrag'n'Drop: throws 'general' Error in Version '18.12.0'Marc Egger23.12.2018 13:40

Is duplicate of #7464
4967QFQSupportClosedNormalconfig.qfq.ini: Rename 'VAR_ADD_BY_SQL' to 'FILL_STORE_SYSTEM_BY_SQL_1'30.04.2018 18:00

9859QFQBugClosedNormalDatabase Update: check for 'Update specialColumnName needed' breaks clean QFQ install09.01.2020 15:20

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