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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
10345QFQSupportNewNormalTemplates - Patterns QFQ Style04.06.2020 20:43

Related to #10713
5342QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormal_link - with HTML Attributes01.02.2020 23:20

5129QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalReports: SQL fuer x Achse und y Achse11.12.2019 16:02

4974QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalLong polling - inform all listening clients of changes11.12.2019 16:02

4816QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalTemplates for QFQ Reports (Tables, Radios, ..)01.02.2020 23:20 domain waere noch frei11.09.2017 10:45

4138QFQBugSome day maybeNormal_style fehlt11.12.2019 16:03

4122QFQBugSome day maybeNormal_file: Render Mode hat keinen Effekt11.12.2019 16:03

3680QFQSupportClosedNormalAbstracts verlinkt auf nmhp17 Schedule05.05.2017 15:56

3646QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalMoeglichkeit HTML Tags in Reports auszugeben (zu enkodieren: htmlspecialchars)11.12.2019 16:02

3617QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalLoad javascripts at bottom11.12.2019 16:02

3446QFQBugSome day maybeHighFehlermeldung bei Form: Unknown permission mode: 'logged_in'11.12.2019 16:02

10782QFQFeatureNewNormalTiny MCE: Image UploadBenjamin Baer22.06.2020 17:11

9525QFQSupportClosedNormalGrunt: only-js faster, watcher now only does only-js and lessBenjamin Baer07.11.2019 14:11

8665QFQBugClosedNormalQFQ Fabric - Readonly stopped displaying annotationBenjamin Baer17.07.2019 11:39

7945QFQFeatureRejectedNormalNew Report Shorthand: AS _annotationBenjamin Baer02.07.2019 19:33

7294QFQFeatureRejectedNormalFabric: prepare meta information (size)Benjamin Baer09.01.2020 10:57

6436QFQSupportClosedNormalAdded ephraim as a DeveloperBenjamin Baer16.07.2018 16:49

6140QFQBugPriorizeNormalQFQ DnD Sort: Locked fieldsBenjamin Baer01.02.2020 23:21

5366QFQFeaturePriorizeNormalSaving with keyboard shortcutsBenjamin Baer01.02.2020 23:21

5024QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalFabric: Generate PDF with editsBenjamin Baer01.02.2020 23:20

Related to #10704
5023QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalFabric: Cut, rotate and enhance uploaded imagesBenjamin Baer01.02.2020 23:20

4253QFQBugClosedHighRecord Lock not deleted when window closes without saveBenjamin Baer21.08.2017 16:16

3692QFQFeatureSome day maybeNormalQFQ WebseiteBenjamin Baer11.12.2019 16:02

Related to #5033
10443QFQFeatureIn ProgressNormalKonzept _api / _liveCarsten Rose07.05.2020 09:39

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