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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
17984 QFQ Feature New Normal SQL Firewall Carsten Rose 06.07.2024 21:27

17113 QFQ Feature New Normal TinyMCE: paste Plugin in Doku beschreiben Carsten Rose 06.07.2024 19:47

12544 QFQ Feature ToDo Normal a) '... AS _link' new also as '... AS _type', b) sortierung via 'display: none;', c) '_type' benoeitgt nicht zwingend u/U/p/m/z/d Carsten Rose 06.07.2024 19:43

Related to #13945, Related to #11892 Actions
9517 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Input multiple tags with typeahead Carsten Rose 06.07.2024 19:40

Related to #10150 Actions
5221 QFQ Bug New Normal Download Dialog: Bleibt stehen in FF wenn Datei automatisch gespeichert wird. Carsten Rose 06.07.2024 19:37

Related to #9135 Actions
18314 QFQ Feature Ready to sync (develop) Normal Generate customized visual steps Carsten Rose 02.07.2024 11:29

18755 QFQ Support In Progress Normal Multi DB: FormElement broken if QfqData-DB does not have a table 'Form' Carsten Rose 26.06.2024 08:52

18595 QFQ Feature Priorize High Form / htmlspecialchar: convert }} to HTML Entity } } Carsten Rose 16.06.2024 22:12

17812 QFQ Feature New High Switch User: Neu/Alternativ auch mit FE Group Anpassung Carsten Rose 16.06.2024 19:55

5894 QFQ Feature Feedback Normal Typeahead in Report: show/hide rows dynamically Carsten Rose 16.06.2024 17:50

Related to #5893, Related to #5885 Actions
14322 QFQ Bug New Normal Form Load: by default no scroll (save & close should be visible) Carsten Rose 16.06.2024 17:34

Related to #14321, Related to #6232 Actions
14371 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal LDAP via REPORT Carsten Rose 16.06.2024 17:34

13700 QFQ Feature New Normal Redesign Seite Carsten Rose 16.06.2024 17:29

13841 QFQ Feature New Normal Create PDF via iText - evaluate Carsten Rose 16.06.2024 17:28

9121 QFQ Bug New High sip links have r and __dbIndexData set Carsten Rose 15.06.2024 16:02

11460 QFQ Feature New Normal Easier creation of changelog: gitchangelog Carsten Rose 15.06.2024 15:47

Related to #13467 Actions
9346 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal beforeSave: check if an upload is given Carsten Rose 15.06.2024 15:27

18493 QFQ Support New Normal Nextcloud Assistent: diverse AI Funktionen - check ob das fuer Notez interessant ist. Carsten Rose 12.06.2024 17:33

18758 QFQ Support New Normal FormElement: Show 'hint' below input Carsten Rose 05.06.2024 07:52

8089 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Copy/Paste for FormElements Carsten Rose 25.04.2024 15:25

Related to #18486 Actions
17998 QFQ Bug New High Curly braces: a) save as html-entity, b) stored procedure to convert to html-entity Carsten Rose 25.04.2024 13:37

5782 QFQ Feature ToDo Normal NextCloud API Carsten Rose 08.04.2024 08:40

17647 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Chat Ratchet Websocket Server: a) start on boot, b) multiple racthet instances, c) update QFQ not to start/stop, d) Update installation doc Carsten Rose 08.04.2024 08:40

6261 QFQ Feature New Normal Persistent SIP Carsten Rose 03.04.2024 10:25

Related to #10819 Actions
9013 QFQ Bug New Normal Error in Twig template not handled Carsten Rose 03.04.2024 10:24

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