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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
13767 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal date/time-picker: required shows up/down button orange Carsten Rose 20.09.2022 14:55

14322 QFQ Bug New Normal Form Load: by default no scroll (save & close should be visible) Carsten Rose 20.09.2022 14:07

Related to #14321, Related to #6232 Actions
14736 QFQ Bug New Normal Datetimepicker: FormElement.parameter.dateFormat - required Enis Nuredini 20.09.2022 13:12

Related to #14738 Actions
14245 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Form Save Btn bleibt disabled wenn Datumsfeld über Datepicker geändert Enis Nuredini 19.09.2022 16:19

Related to #12630 Actions
14455 QFQ Bug New Normal TinyMCE: Activate save button after upload picture over drag&drop Enis Nuredini 19.09.2022 15:11

Related to #14463, Related to #10782 Actions
14463 QFQ Bug New Normal TinyMCE: FormElement.size = <width>,<height> Enis Nuredini 19.09.2022 15:01

Related to #14455, Related to #10782 Actions
14518 QFQ Bug New High Upload Problem with multiple configured base urls Carsten Rose 18.09.2022 11:34

14625 QFQ Bug New Normal WebPass Import: User with ' in name - Form ist incomplete Enis Nuredini 18.09.2022 11:16

14464 QFQ Bug New Normal Exception: Missing button to edit FormElement with broken sqlValidate / beforeLoad Carsten Rose 18.09.2022 11:13

14506 QFQ Bug New High tablesorter: apply sort on page load Enis Nuredini 18.09.2022 11:10

14508 QFQ Bug New Normal _exec: output will not be passed down Carsten Rose 18.09.2022 11:06

14552 QFQ Bug New High Typeahead incompatible with T3 v9 urls Enis Nuredini 18.09.2022 11:05

14622 QFQ Bug New High FormElement save: `unexpected error` on save Enis Nuredini 18.09.2022 11:04

14636 QFQ Bug New Normal UI Design: Clear X is over up/down (step) Enis Nuredini 18.09.2022 11:03

14646 QFQ Bug New Normal tablesorter: filter on page reload is not active, even it is shown Enis Nuredini 18.09.2022 10:53

14705 QFQ Bug New Normal Tablesorter Viewsaver: Icons broken in dropdownlist (only in firefox) Benjamin Baer 09.09.2022 13:55

14305 QFQ Bug New High Inline Report editing does not create history entries Carsten Rose 02.09.2022 08:43

4018 QFQ Bug In Progress Normal typeahead: long query parameter / answer triggers 'Attack detected' and purges current SIP storage. Carsten Rose 31.08.2022 20:57

Related to #9077, Related to #5788 Actions
7261 QFQ Bug Priorize Normal Report pathFilename for user without path, only the filename Carsten Rose 31.08.2022 18:10

8891 QFQ Bug Priorize High formSubmitLog: do not log passwords Enis Nuredini 31.08.2022 18:08

12395 QFQ Bug Priorize High QFQ Function: Result two times shown Carsten Rose 31.08.2022 18:08

12463 QFQ Bug Priorize High QFQ Function: 'function' and 'sql' on same level - output of sql is shown two times. Carsten Rose 31.08.2022 18:08

14323 QFQ Bug In Progress Normal Report: render=both|single - no impact Carsten Rose 31.08.2022 18:07

14233 QFQ Bug New Normal AS _link: question - HTML is not rendered Carsten Rose 31.08.2022 18:07

14077 QFQ Bug New Normal As _link: Attribute 'class' missing by r:1 and r:3 - but should set Carsten Rose 31.08.2022 18:07

Related to #5342, Related to #4343 Actions
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