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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
3349 QFQ Bug Some day maybe Normal config.qfq.ini: a) vertraegt keine '=' im Value (z.B. Passwort), b) Values sollten in ticks einschliessbar sein (spaces, ..) Carsten Rose 11.12.2019 16:02

3130 QFQ Bug Some day maybe Normal Debug Info's nicht korrekt nach 'New > Save'. Carsten Rose 11.12.2019 16:03

Related to #3253 Actions
3109 QFQ Bug Some day maybe High RealUrl: Links werden nicht korrekt gerendert Carsten Rose 03.05.2021 21:14

3061 QFQ Bug Some day maybe High winstitute: mysql connection durcheinander - nmhp17 (ag7)/QFQ arbeitet mit DB/Tabellen von biostat. Carsten Rose 03.05.2021 21:14

2643 QFQ Bug Some day maybe Normal Zend / PHP Webinars anschauen Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 15:56

2063 QFQ Bug Some day maybe Normal Pills auf 'inaktiv' setzen falls keine Element auf dem Pill sichtbar sind. Benjamin Baer 11.12.2019 16:03

Related to #3752 Actions
11325 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal SQL: CALL() Carsten Rose 08.03.2022 09:09

Related to #11630 Actions
13860 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Typeahead: Problem with focus under MacOS X Safari Carsten Rose 19.03.2022 17:45

13842 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal wkhtml broken SIP Carsten Rose 14.03.2022 08:56

13827 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Datetimepicker: browser (Brave) offers user credentials Carsten Rose 19.03.2022 17:46

Related to #13716 Actions
13797 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Value of Checkboxlist does not update correctly with dynamic update Carsten Rose 23.03.2022 15:56

13677 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal FormEditor: Preview should be disabled in FormElement when 'new.required' is given Carsten Rose 18.03.2022 15:13

13658 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal protected/qfqProject/conf/qfq.json: Rechte restriktiver Carsten Rose 25.03.2022 12:44

12989 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal empty string does not trigger dynamic update Carsten Rose 07.12.2021 16:24

12546 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Branch 'Development' - Unit Tests mit dirty workaround angepasst Carsten Rose 19.03.2022 17:48

11630 QFQ Bug Feedback High Bitte check ob CALL() in 20.11.0 noch so funktioniert wie in 20.4.1 Carsten Rose 08.03.2022 09:07

Related to #11325 Actions
11347 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal If Bedingungen funktionieren nicht korrekt Christoph Fuchs 21.03.2021 20:37

11039 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Checkbox / CSS: Image shifted Carsten Rose 12.11.2020 23:45

Related to #11057 Actions
9898 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Formular trotz Timeout gespeichert Benjamin Baer 01.02.2020 15:56

9535 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Report: ... AS '_vertical' - column to wide - vertical >> rot45, rot90 Benjamin Baer 01.02.2020 15:56

8316 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Documentation/Behaviour for Nested Queries and Record-Store confusing Nicola Chiapolini 20.11.2019 09:14

13084 QFQ Bug Ready to sync (develop) High QFQ Dropdown Einträge auf iOS nicht anklickbar Carsten Rose 22.12.2021 17:10

Related to #9724 Actions
12484 QFQ Bug Ready to sync (develop) High Default: config.render = single Carsten Rose 21.12.2021 08:39

11134 QFQ Bug Ready to sync (develop) Normal Set samesite header for cookies correctly Carsten Rose 14.01.2022 11:42

10646 QFQ Bug Ready to sync (develop) High Form: missing error message sanatize violation / remaining record lock Carsten Rose 22.12.2021 14:47

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