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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
9862 QFQ Bug Priorize Normal Failed writing to sql|mail|qfq.log should throw an exception Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 10:13

9834 QFQ Bug New Normal Input elements with tag 'disabled' are missing on form-submit: server option 'processReadOnly' broken Carsten Rose 07.07.2024 10:41

Related to #9691, Related to #5305, Has duplicate #12331 Actions
9811 QFQ Feature New Normal Report: tag every n'th row Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

9783 QFQ Bug New Normal Email with special characters Carsten Rose 08.10.2023 09:55

Related to #16506 Actions
9781 QFQ Feature New Normal Button: CSS class to make buttons smaller Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

9777 QFQ Feature New Normal Logging QFQ Variables Carsten Rose 16.12.2019 17:17

9773 QFQ Bug New Normal form.parameter.formModeGlobal=requiredOff Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 15:56

9707 QFQ Feature New Normal SIP security: encode pageId and check pageId on decode Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

9706 QFQ Feature New Normal Multi File Upload (hidden template group) Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

Related to #7521, Related to #5562, Related to #13330 Actions
9704 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal Thumbnails Generieren beim Splitten von PDF Files Carsten Rose 11.12.2019 16:01

9669 QFQ Bug Some day maybe Normal Checkbox / Template Group: radio/checkbox visible broken after 'add' Carsten Rose 16.06.2021 13:47

Related to #8091 Actions
9668 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Form.mode: rename 'hidden' to 'hide' Carsten Rose 05.05.2021 22:14

Related to #6437 Actions
9602 QFQ Feature New Normal Form definition as JSON Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:21

Related to #9600 Actions
9537 QFQ Feature New Normal FormEditor: Edit fieldset in FrontEnd Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

Related to #10003 Actions
9534 QFQ Bug New High FE.type=upload: 'Unknown Mode: ID" Carsten Rose 02.03.2024 20:08

Related to #9532 Actions
9533 QFQ Bug New Normal FE.type=upload: Check in 'beforeSave' if upload is given Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

Related to #11523 Actions
9531 QFQ Bug New High FE File: Dynamic Update / modeSql / required detected even it not set Carsten Rose 06.07.2024 23:03

Related to #12398 Actions
9394 QFQ Feature New Normal REST: allow for non numerical ids in get requests Carsten Rose 07.10.2023 13:41

9352 QFQ Feature New Normal FE 'Native' fire slaveId, sqlAfter, sqlIns... Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

9348 QFQ Feature New Normal defaultThumbnailSize: pre render thumbnails Carsten Rose 12.06.2021 09:05

9346 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal beforeSave: check if an upload is given Carsten Rose 15.06.2024 15:27

9317 QFQ Bug New Normal FE.type=note: with dynamic show/hidden an empty label causes trouble Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

9208 QFQ Feature New Normal Manage 'recent' records Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

9177 QFQ Bug New Normal Bug? QFQ tries to save an action FE, which has real existing column name Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

9136 QFQ Feature New Normal Create ZIP files with dynamic PDFs Carsten Rose 06.07.2022 13:21

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