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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
15794 QFQ Bug Feedback High Tablesorter filter funktionieren nach Reload nicht mehr Nicola Chiapolini 02.03.2024 20:08

17812 QFQ Feature New High Switch User: Neu/Alternativ auch mit FE Group Anpassung Carsten Rose 02.03.2024 20:08

17649 QFQ Feature New High Integrate Etherpad as editor Jan Haller 02.03.2024 20:08

17616 QFQ Feature New High Automate QFQ Build Prozess Carsten Rose 02.03.2024 20:08

16965 QFQ Bug New High Unhandled exception on SQL query Carsten Rose 02.03.2024 20:08

Related to #16975 Actions
16849 QFQ Feature New High Mail: check FROM address for pattern or specific sender address Support: Web 02.03.2024 20:08

18013 QFQ Feature New High Tablesorter: column view selector Support: Web 02.03.2024 20:08

17858 QFQ Feature New High Check if QFQ is compatible with Typo3 V12 02.03.2024 20:08

17821 QFQ Feature New High Check projects export/autocron access template 02.03.2024 20:08

18085 QFQ Feature New Normal FE Input Email Adressbook: a) Typeahead, b) check valid and mark 06.03.2024 10:43

18155 QFQ Bug New Normal Form escapeTypeDefault btn-group not working 15.03.2024 12:03

12327 QFQ Bug New Normal Copy to clipboard: a) Glyphicon can not be changed, b) Visualisierung & Text Carsten Rose 16.03.2024 10:40

18161 QFQ Feature New Normal QFQ Variable: New escape/action class 'strip_tags' Carsten Rose 17.03.2024 12:21

Related to #18160 Actions
18160 QFQ Feature New Normal Title of 'FormElement'-form: shortened, link to form Carsten Rose 17.03.2024 15:07

Related to #18161 Actions
18162 QFQ Feature New Normal Form / Select List: save outdated key/value even it no longer exist in latest itemList 17.03.2024 15:58

17142 QFQ Bug New Normal UZH CD: Typo3 clean search bar migration Benjamin Baer 20.03.2024 11:02

18184 QFQ Bug New Normal _link combination of g:_blank and q:.. not working 21.03.2024 00:59

16113 QFQ Feature New Normal Report, Subrecord: action on multiple elements 22.03.2024 10:41

17481 QFQ Feature New High BS modal window 22.03.2024 10:43

10119 QFQ Feature In Progress Normal Dropdown (selectlist) &TypeAhead: format and catagorize list Jan Haller 22.03.2024 10:47

Related to #7602 Actions
15362 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal Add button to text inputs in Form (Element) Editor to switch between FE.type=input and FE.type=editor 27.03.2024 11:04

Related to #10013 Actions
17441 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Report Notation 2.2: fireIf :Statement to trigger the root level query / fireSubIf : Statement to trigger the subquery Zhoujie Li 02.04.2024 15:38

Related to #5345, Related to #17319 Actions
5345 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Report: UPDATE / INSERT / DELETE statements should trigger subqueries, depending on the result. Zhoujie Li 03.04.2024 09:00

Related to #17319, Related to #17441 Actions
17539 QFQ Feature New Normal Check if stored procedures exist - if not, create Carsten Rose 03.04.2024 10:16

15448 QFQ Feature New Normal Tablesorter clear filter Support: Web 03.04.2024 10:18

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