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# Due date Status Priority Project Subject Assignee
9121 08.12.2019 Priorize High QFQ sip links have r and __dbIndexData set Carsten Rose Actions
9724 09.12.2019 ToDo Normal QFQ 3-Point Menu: does not work on tablet/mobile Benjamin Baer Actions
9347 09.12.2019 New High QFQ FE.type=upload with dynamic show/hidden: required not detected Carsten Rose Actions
7890 09.12.2019 New Normal QFQ FormElement 'required': extraButtonInfo not aligned Carsten Rose Actions
5305 09.12.2019 New Normal QFQ Upload FormElement: nicht disabled by readonly Form Carsten Rose Actions
9692 10.12.2019 Priorize Normal QFQ Radio/Checkbox: 'active' missing (when using tab-key) Benjamin Baer Actions
9531 11.12.2019 New High QFQ FE File: Dynamic Update / modeSql / required detected even it not set Carsten Rose Actions
9669 12.12.2019 Some day maybe Normal QFQ Checkbox / Template Group: radio/checkbox visible broken after 'add' Carsten Rose Actions
9135 12.12.2019 Priorize Normal QFQ Progress Bar generic / replace old hourglass download popup Benjamin Baer Actions
9052 12.12.2019 Priorize High QFQ Report: CodeMirror with SQL Syntax Highlight in FE Benjamin Baer Actions
7965 12.12.2019 Priorize Normal QFQ Input type 'text' with visual format - currency Benjamin Baer Actions
9548 13.12.2019 Feedback High QFQ FormElement: Pattern mismatch - optional report only on focus lost Benjamin Baer Actions
9535 17.12.2019 Feedback Normal QFQ Report: ... AS '_vertical' - column to wide - vertical >> rot45, rot90 Benjamin Baer Actions
4457 17.12.2019 Priorize Normal QFQ typeahead: pressing return to select an item, saves the form and closes the form. Benjamin Baer Actions
4398 17.12.2019 Some day maybe Normal QFQ Typeahead: mouse click in a prefilled input opens a single item dropdown with the current value - click on it seems to set the value, not the key. Benjamin Baer Actions
7602 20.12.2019 ToDo High QFQ Multi Select: with checkboxes Benjamin Baer Actions
880 25.12.2019 Some day maybe Urgent QFQ Security: PHP, SQL Injection, XSS Actions
9528 06.01.2020 Priorize High QFQ CSS class input element: x to clear content Benjamin Baer Actions
9244 08.01.2020 New High QFQ Form Load / Multiple Pills: the Pill with missing required values to front Carsten Rose Actions
9346 10.01.2020 New High QFQ beforeSave: check if an upload is given Carsten Rose Actions
5562 13.01.2020 Priorize Normal QFQ Drag'n'Drop fuer Uploads Benjamin Baer Actions
8204 14.01.2020 Priorize High QFQ Position 'required mark' Carsten Rose Actions
6723 15.01.2020 New Normal QFQ Report QFQ Installation and Version Carsten Rose Actions
3692 15.01.2020 Some day maybe Normal QFQ QFQ Webseite Benjamin Baer Actions
9348 17.01.2020 New Normal QFQ defaultThumbnailSize: pre render thumbnails Carsten Rose Actions
8945 20.01.2020 New Normal QFQ Doku: Self Registration Form Carsten Rose Actions
6261 21.01.2020 New Normal QFQ Persistent SIP Carsten Rose Actions
3402 25.01.2020 Some day maybe Normal QFQ Syntax Highlighting via CodeMirror Carsten Rose Actions
7107 27.01.2020 Some day maybe Normal QFQ Showcase Registration Tool: Anmeldung / Administration : Liste Anmeldungen / Emaileinaldung Carsten Rose Actions
9579 31.01.2020 Some day maybe Normal QFQ Multiform with Process Row Carsten Rose Actions
6801 14.02.2020 Priorize Normal QFQ Fabric: Maximize / Fulllscreen Benjamin Baer Actions
6140 14.02.2020 Priorize Normal QFQ QFQ DnD Sort: Locked fields Benjamin Baer Actions
5366 14.02.2020 Priorize Normal QFQ Saving with keyboard shortcuts Benjamin Baer Actions
6566 15.02.2020 Priorize Normal QFQ Link Function 'delete': provided parameter missing on page reload Benjamin Baer Actions
9834 21.02.2020 Priorize Normal QFQ Input elements with tag 'disabled' are missing on form-submit: server option 'processReadOnly' broken Benjamin Baer Actions
8591 21.02.2020 Priorize Normal QFQ Upload: Progress Bar anzeigen Benjamin Baer Actions
6224 21.02.2020 Priorize Normal QFQ Dynamic update: fade in/out fields Benjamin Baer Actions
2665 21.02.2020 Priorize Normal QFQ Dynamic Update funktioniert nicht, wenn beim entsprechenden FormElement eine size angegeben ist. Benjamin Baer Actions
8316 28.02.2020 Feedback Normal QFQ Documentation/Behaviour for Nested Queries and Record-Store confusing Nicola Chiapolini Actions
6870 31.03.2020 Priorize Normal QFQ Click on '_link' triggers an API call Benjamin Baer Actions
10013 30.04.2020 Some day maybe Normal QFQ FE.typ=editor: CodeMirror Carsten Rose Actions
4413 31.10.2020 Priorize High QFQ fieldset: show/hidden, modeSql, dynamicUpdate Marc Egger Actions
11460 18.11.2020 New Normal QFQ Easier creation of changelog: gitchangelog Carsten Rose Actions
11702 18.12.2020 New Normal QFQ HTML Special Char makes no sense for 'allbut' if '&' is forbidden Carsten Rose Actions
9213 28.02.2021 Some day maybe Normal QFQ Problems with Update to 19.9.1 Actions
9126 28.02.2021 Some day maybe Normal QFQ hidden Form elements are present in page source Actions
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