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# Due date Status Priority Project Subject Assignee
749520.09.2019NewHighQFQdata-enable-save-button: detect 'modified' tooBenjamin Baer
729425.09.2019NewNormalQFQFabric: prepare meta information (size)Carsten Rose
623226.09.2019NewHighQFQMissing required: Pill/Input not 'bring to front'Benjamin Baer
399527.09.2019NewNormalQFQextraButtonLock: does not work properly for non input text elementsBenjamin Baer
626127.09.2019NewNormalQFQPersistent SIPCarsten Rose
760227.09.2019NewHighQFQMulti Select: with checkboxesBenjamin Baer
905227.09.2019NewNormalQFQReport: CodeMirror with SQL Syntax Highlight in FEBenjamin Baer
905327.09.2019NewNormalQFQEingabe von tablesorter-filter in einem Formular aktiviert Save-ButtonBenjamin Baer
913527.09.2019NewNormalQFQProgress Bar generic / replace old hourglass download popupBenjamin Baer
894528.09.2019NewNormalQFQDoku: Self Registration FormCarsten Rose
352230.09.2019NewHighQFQSelenium QFQ TestsMarc Egger
865830.09.2019NewNormalQFQCalendar UI read/write/showMarc Egger
336502.10.2019NewNormalQFQinvisible reCaptcha: Google Check ob Bot oder MenschBenjamin Baer
820402.10.2019NewHighQFQPosition 'required mark'Carsten Rose
439804.10.2019NewNormalQFQTypeahead: mouse click in a prefilled input opens a single item dropdown with the current value - click on it seems to set the value, not the key.Benjamin Baer
796504.10.2019NewNormalQFQInput type 'text' with visual format - currencyBenjamin Baer
672309.10.2019NewNormalQFQReport QFQ Installation and VersionCarsten Rose
710716.10.2019NewNormalQFQShowcase Registration Tool: Anmeldung / Administration : Liste Anmeldungen / EmaileinaldungCarsten Rose
888631.10.2019NewNormalQFQFE: Check Pattern - complain after 'focus lost' Benjamin Baer
539120.11.2019NewNormalQFQUZH CD: header level, form title, subrecord title, fieldset titleBenjamin Baer
369222.11.2019NewNormalQFQQFQ WebseiteBenjamin Baer

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