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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
8601QFQBugNewHighAfter PSR4 migration: autocron.php can't be loadedMarc Egger22.06.2019 03:22

8594QFQSupportNewNormalQFQ auf packagist registrierenMarc Egger20.06.2019 23:19

Related to #8430
8593QFQSupportNewNormalBE: Highlight QFQ Records mit integrierten T3 CodeMirrorBenjamin Baer20.06.2019 17:07

8591QFQSupportNewNormalUpload: Progress Bar anzeigenBenjamin Baer20.06.2019 17:00

8587QFQBugNewNormalForm without any column in primary table should not trigger a save (for modified, create)19.06.2019 15:54

8586QFQFeatureNewNormalEnhance Error message for 'record not found'Marc Egger19.06.2019 15:47

8585QFQFeatureNewNormalEnhance Error message for 'unknown form'19.06.2019 15:45

8584QFQFeatureNewNormalFE 'Action' - never assign to Container 19.06.2019 19:39

8520QFQSupportIn ProgressNormalBring QFQ to ComposerMarc Egger12.06.2019 10:08

8431QFQSupportNewNormalautocron.php with wrong pathCarsten Rose30.05.2019 16:26

8430QFQBugIn ProgressHighQFQ Doc misingMarc Egger13.06.2019 14:47

Related to #8594
8336QFQFeatureNewNormalOptional disable close popup 'save changes?'22.05.2019 13:21

Related to #8335
8316QFQBugFeedbackNormalDocumentation/Behaviour for Nested Queries and Record-Store confusingCarsten Rose14.05.2019 10:30

8277QFQFeatureNewNormalfe.parameter.default=.....19.06.2019 19:27

Related to #8113
8217QFQFeatureNewNormalif-elseif-else construct22.05.2019 13:22

8204QFQFeatureIn ProgressHighPosition 'required mark'Benjamin Baer24.06.2019 09:56

8187QFQFeatureNewHighSubrecord: enable/hide new button - make new/edit/delete customizeable.Carsten Rose19.06.2019 19:41

8106QFQBugNewNormalDynamic Update: Feld kann nicht auf empty zurückgesetzt werdenCarsten Rose21.03.2019 11:04

8101QFQFeatureNewNormalPassword hash: support further hashing methodsMarc Egger19.06.2019 19:13

8091QFQBugNewHighmulti checkbox required bugCarsten Rose19.06.2019 19:11

Related to #2723
8089QFQFeatureNewNormalCopy/Paste for FormElementsCarsten Rose19.03.2019 13:03

8084QFQBugNewNormalForm: without Pill the outer broder is missingCarsten Rose19.06.2019 15:35

8083QFQBugNewHighFormEditor: primary table list does not respect 'indexDb={{indexData:Y}}'Carsten Rose19.06.2019 19:41

8082QFQFeatureNewHighContact form without saving recordCarsten Rose19.06.2019 19:41

8056QFQFeatureNewNormalTermin Organisation (Reservation)15.03.2019 09:02

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