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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
9177QFQBugNewNormalBug? QFQ tries to save an action FE, which has real existing column nameCarsten Rose19.09.2019 17:47

9173QFQBugNewUrgentStale Record Lock: Firefox Carsten Rose19.09.2019 13:58

9136QFQSupportNewNormalCreate ZIP files with dynamic PDFsCarsten Rose16.09.2019 11:12

9135QFQSupportNewNormalProgress Bar generic / replace old hourglass download popupBenjamin Baer20.09.2019 11:03

9130QFQSupportNewNormaltablesorter: Automatic Row numbering / ZeilenummerBenjamin Baer15.09.2019 10:31

9129QFQSupportNewNormalsqlValidate: Message as notification, not as errorCarsten Rose14.09.2019 12:10

Related to #9128
9128QFQFeatureNewNormalError Message: not replaced variables- a) replace back to '{{', b) underlineCarsten Rose14.09.2019 11:50

Related to #9129
9127QFQSupportNewNormalError Message: change 'roll over' color - text not readableCarsten Rose14.09.2019 11:46

9126QFQBugNewNormalhidden Form elements are present in page source14.09.2019 09:51

9121QFQBugNewNormalsip links have r and __dbIndexData set13.09.2019 15:52

9077QFQSupportNewNormaltypeAheadSql: report broken SQLCarsten Rose10.09.2019 10:27

9053QFQBugNewNormalEingabe von tablesorter-filter in einem Formular aktiviert Save-ButtonBenjamin Baer20.09.2019 11:02

Related to #7495
9052QFQFeatureNewNormalReport: CodeMirror with SQL Syntax Highlight in FEBenjamin Baer20.09.2019 11:00

9020QFQBugNewNormalradio mit buttonClass und dynamicUpdate lassen sich nicht kombinieren04.09.2019 14:55

9013QFQBugNewNormalError in Twig template not handled04.09.2019 10:28

8975QFQFeatureNewNormalReport Notation: 10:15

Related to #8963
8963QFQFeatureNewHighSetting values in a store: flexible way30.08.2019 17:09

Related to #8975
8962QFQFeatureNewHighallow for form fields with identical names29.08.2019 23:54

8945QFQFeatureNewNormalDoku: Self Registration FormCarsten Rose31.08.2019 17:33

8894QFQFeatureNewNormalDocumentation Tags Usable in QFQ ApplicationCarsten Rose31.08.2019 17:36

8892QFQFeatureNewNormalDisplay and Edit SQL Comments in Form EditorCarsten Rose23.08.2019 12:33

8891QFQBugNewNormalformSubmitLog: do not log passwords31.08.2019 17:33

8886QFQFeatureNewNormalFE: Check Pattern - complain after 'focus lost' Benjamin Baer29.08.2019 10:41

8806QFQFeatureNewNormalSQL Function nl2brCarsten Rose08.08.2019 12:28

8719QFQFeatureNewNormalextraButtonLock: add support for 0/1Carsten Rose12.07.2019 14:00

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