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  Benjamin Baer6 Collapse all/Expand all

Feature #7602

Multi Select: with checkboxes

Due date: 31.07.2019

Benjamin Baer

Feature #7860

Updating Antispam

Due date: 26.07.2019

Benjamin Baer

  Carsten Rose7 Collapse all/Expand all

Feature #8204

Position 'required mark'

Due date: 25.07.2019

Carsten Rose

Feature #6261

Persistent SIP

Due date: 26.07.2019

Carsten Rose

Feature #6723

Report QFQ Installation and Version

Due date: 29.08.2019

Carsten Rose

Feature #7294

Fabric: prepare meta information (size)

Due date: 09.07.2019

Carsten Rose

  Marc Egger3 Collapse all/Expand all

Support #8658

Calendar UI read/write/show

Due date: 11.07.2019

Marc Egger

Feature #3522

Selenium QFQ Tests

Due date: 30.06.2019

Marc Egger

Bug #8430

QFQ Doc mising

Due date: 30.06.2019

Marc Egger

  none1 Collapse all/Expand all

Feature #7175

Upload: md5 hash as filename

Due date: 24.07.2019