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Feature #9517

Input multiple tags with typeahead

Due date: 18.12.2019

Benjamin Baer

Feature #9528

CSS class input element: x to clear content

Due date: 05.12.2019

Benjamin Baer

Support #9535

Report: ... AS '_vertical' - column to wide

Due date: 09.12.2019

Benjamin Baer

Feature #3692

QFQ Webseite

Due date: 15.01.2020

Benjamin Baer

Feature #7602

Multi Select: with checkboxes

Due date: 20.12.2019

Benjamin Baer

Feature #5562

Drag'n'Drop fuer Uploads

Due date: 13.01.2020

Benjamin Baer

  Carsten Rose17 Collapse all/Expand all

Feature #8204

Position 'required mark'

Due date: 14.01.2020

Carsten Rose

Feature #3402

Syntax Highlighting via CodeMirror

Due date: 25.01.2020

Carsten Rose

Bug #7974

TinyMCE: readonly

Due date: 09.12.2019

Carsten Rose

Feature #8945

Doku: Self Registration Form

Due date: 20.01.2020

Carsten Rose

Bug #9121

sip links have r and __dbIndexData set

Due date: 08.12.2019

Carsten Rose

Support #9346

beforeSave: check if an upload is given

Due date: 10.01.2020

Carsten Rose

Feature #9348

defaultThumbnailSize: pre render thumbnails

Due date: 17.01.2020

Carsten Rose

Feature #9579

Multiform with Process Row

Due date: 31.01.2020

Carsten Rose

Feature #6261

Persistent SIP

Due date: 21.01.2020

Carsten Rose

Feature #6723

Report QFQ Installation and Version

Due date: 15.01.2020

Carsten Rose

Feature #4413

fieldset: show/hidden, modeSql, dynamicUpdate

Due date: 15.12.2019

Carsten Rose

  Marc Egger2 Collapse all/Expand all

Feature #8658

Calendar UI read/write/show

Due date: 31.12.2019

Marc Egger

Feature #3522

Selenium QFQ Tests

Due date: 31.12.2019

Marc Egger

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Feature #880

Security: PHP, SQL Injection, XSS

Due date: 25.12.2019