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15:03 Public [Phishing] Password Expiry Notification for Users [...]
... Benjamin Baer


11:25 Public [Network Resolved] Firewall Hardware failure resolved
Thank you for your patience. The network, mail, chat, etc. is working again.
Our firewall had a hardware problem a...
Benjamin Baer
10:12 Public [Network Failure] Entire math network down
Unser Netzwerk fiel heute morgen aus.
Thinlinc, Mail, etc. sind von aussen nicht erreichbar - intern wiederum kann...
Benjamin Baer


04:55 QFQ Feature #10096: JQuery / Bootstrap: DatePicker
also wenn schon, ein bootstrap 3 datepicker und nicht ein bootstrap 2. ;) Wird ja son...
Benjamin Baer


19:01 QFQ Feature #10715: wkhtmltopdf ersetzen: puppeteer
Damit ich mal wieder meine Browser Fenster aufraeumen kann, hier noch einige Punkte zum jetzigen Status.
Unser crpdf...
Benjamin Baer


17:02 QFQ Feature #10782: Tiny MCE: Image Upload
So wie es aussieht, braucht es nur noch optionen:... Benjamin Baer
16:34 QFQ Feature #12439: TinyMCE Paste from Word & Character Count/Limit
* charactercounter is now in the tinymce plugin directory and doesn't have to be loaded anymore :party: Benjamin Baer
13:22 QFQ Support #12490: Loading Plugins in QFQ - see what tinymce does. (lazy loading)
It seems to j...
Benjamin Baer
12:46 QFQ Revision 48f32a1f (typo3-qfq): removed mockup variant
Benjamin Baer
12:45 QFQ Revision 5ddda014 (typo3-qfq): also for mockup
Benjamin Baer

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