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13:52 QFQ Bug #9121: sip links have r and __dbIndexData set
We were just bitten by this again. We had a form that uses r from SIP when set but in most cases uses r set in User b...


16:13 QFQ Bug #8091: multi checkbox required bug
Wir hatten das Probleme eben auch und mussten das mit beforeSave element umgehen. Wir unterstützen "Priority: High" :-)


14:48 QFQ Support #9394 (New): REST: allow for non numerical ids in get requests
we want to use a REST API to transfer student data. So the best common identifier would be the shortname, but QFQ doe...


12:23 QFQ Bug #9355 (New): Column Header in MailLog zu schmal
Bei einem Mail mit zwei Anhängen sind wir eben an die Zeichengrenze der "Header" Column gestossen (vgl. Unten). Wir h...


21:18 QFQ Bug #9300 (Closed): creating rest forms broken
in 19.9.1 creating rest forms is broken. The "Permit REST" can not be stored as the column in the database is called ...


12:52 QFQ Feature #7407: Column type TEXT default: Ubuntu 18 complains about missing values if column isn't specified
Wie #9281 zeigt, ist diese Lösung nicht genug um Probleme bei bestehenden Installationen zu verhindern. Wäre schön, w...
12:45 QFQ Bug #9281: Allow STRICT_TRANS_TABLES
Just found the existing bug for this problem: #7407. I agree that the immediate fix with setting sql_mode by default ...
12:42 QFQ Bug #9281: Allow STRICT_TRANS_TABLES
And of course '' is not a valid datetime either (e.g. to allow STRICT_TRANS_TABLES, when storing a form empty fields ...
11:59 QFQ Bug #9281: Allow STRICT_TRANS_TABLES
An additional problem: '' is not a valid integer default anymore. This affects inserting rows with active formSubmitL...
11:08 QFQ Bug #9281 (New): Allow STRICT_TRANS_TABLES
MariaDB > 10.2.4 (Debian Buster comes with 10.3) has STRICT_TRANS_TABLES set by default. (see

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