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11:22 QFQ Bug #11750 (Closed): Checkbox does not work together correctly with required fields
Specific form mode requiredOffButMark breaks under inclusion of a required checkbox form element. The form is unsavab... Simon Grüning


12:12 QFQ Support #11741: upgrade Typo3 9.5.22 (forkred)
For the UZHMob migration see also switchdrive file @/forkred/UZHMob/push_to_preview.txt@ for SQL statements and speci... Simon Grüning


12:13 QFQ Bug #11715 (New): acceptZeroAsRequired and requiredOffButMark do not coincide
A 0 is marked as accepted by requiredOffButMark in the front-end, but not by acceptZeroAsRequired=0 in the allRequire... Simon Grüning


12:11 QFQ Feature #11535 (New): Ability to create SQL columns in frontend QFQ forms
It would be very great for developers working or maintaining QFQ projects in the front-end, if they could create not ... Simon Grüning
12:06 QFQ Feature #11534 (New): Report: Action on selected rows - Table batchprocessing feature
See attached picture. A feature to add an additional column of check-boxes at the beginning of a table, and the abili... Simon Grüning


10:21 QFQ Feature #11516: Multi Page Form (Previous/Next Buttons)
* Es gibt noch keine user fuer das (wird denke ich auch nicht backported), also keine user umstellung fuers erste
* ...
Simon Grüning


11:16 QFQ Bug #11289 (Closed): [QFQ as File] Adding Checkbox leads to empty thing
Adding Checkbox to form element is culprit? Unsure Simon Grüning
10:17 QFQ Bug #11287 (Closed): [QFQ as File] Duplicating forms
Duplicating forms broken in QFQ as file in frontend interface. Rights issue? (form lands in backup folder and is usab... Simon Grüning

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