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Mailjet by Sinch

We were unable to successfully complete payment using the card ending 5429.

Invoices for your Mailjet account that are paid late may require further

To make a payment, or update your payment method on your account, please
login to your Mailjet account using your email address and password.

To make a payment:

    Select "Billing" from the navigation menu.
    Select "Make a Payment" from the list of options.
    Select the invoice that needs to be paid and choose a payment method

You can complete your payment using a credit/debit card or PayPal --
whichever works best for you.

If you have questions about your invoice, please visit our Guide to
Invoices or contact us. We're here to help.
Invoice     Date Due
87056298     2023-05-27
Item     Price
Subtotal     $15.00
Discount     $0.00
Tax     $0.00
Total     $15.00
Domain Registration - site
1 Year     $15.00
update your payment method now
Mailjet by Sinch

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