[Warning] Phishing email: Account Alert®

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

  • Date: 1.10.15
  • Sender: Zimbra Team
    Dear valued user,
    There are two pending messages on your email account which is as a result of the compromised nature of your account because of the new Zimbra!
    Mail Server(ZCS 9.1.5). According to provision 13.3 of Terms and Conditions, Zimbra have deployed new Zimbra! Mail Server(ZCS 9.1.5) for all Zimbra account.
    So Zimbra will at any time terminate its services for your account on old Zimbra! Mail Server.
    You are now to upgrade to the new Zimbra! Mail Server (ZCS 9.1.5)! for proper function of your account and also to avoid termination of your account. Once your account has been upgraded, we will automatically restore your account to its normal state.
    Upgrade Here Now
    Kindly perform this upgrade as soon as you receive this message to unfold your pending messages.
    Zimbra! Account Service.
    Thank You for Using Zimbra!
    Zimbra security server for customer service support!

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