[Solved] Power failure in the serverroom

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

During the evening we had a power failure in the serverroom. The I-MATH cloud was unaccessible: thinlinc, ssh, edx. All Thinlinc sessions are lost.

Duration: 1.10.2015 20:40 CEST - 2.10.2015 08:30 CEST

  • One fuse has switched off and a connected network switch stops working. The storage for the I-MATH cloud are connected via this network switch and therefore the whole I-MATH cloud stopped working.
  • To resolve the broken storage connection, a complete reboot of all VM of the I-MATH cloud was necessary.
  • The mailserver and the webserver are not affected, cause they use a local storage.
  • With the next maintenance date 21.10.15, we will rearrange the power distribution as well as reconnecting all I-MATH netwoork switches to a USV.
  • Notifcation of the malfunction has been automatically reported (just in time) - unfortunately the receiving mobile phone was 'muted' and the alarm not recognized at the evening.