[Warning] Phishing email

Added by Carsten Rose almost 8 years ago

  • E-MAIL DE-ACTIVATION [Fix support@ma...]
    Server Alert  
    Subject: Your mailbox will be shutdown today. Upgrade quota now!
    Dear account holder,
    Your mailbox (%0%) has run out of quota and due for upgrade. 
    Soon you will no longer be abot to send or receive emails henceforth unless you upgrade your mail quota now.
    Click here to upgrade your mailbox now
    If you fail to upgrade your mail quota now, your mailbox will be shutdown without further notice.
    Source: Mail Center
  • Started enjoying the new interface
    Dear User
    We just upgrade to a new zimbra webmail interface and everyone has started enjoying the new 
    fast webmail interface, its very easy try it now: ( http://nwzmbclnt.d-abor...)