[IT@MATH] Maintenance:

Added by Levin Jason Meierhöfer about 1 month ago

Dear all,

Tomorrow 11.1.24 we will update the server.

We will start the update at around 8:00 and it will probably take around 2 hours.

During that time the service will not be available.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,


[Finished] 27.12.2023 - Homes/Thinlinc Maintenance

Added by Carsten Rose about 2 months ago

Dear all

The migration of the homes server took much longer than expected. Sorry for this.

All Thinlinc Servers should be fine again.

The compute storage has not been migrated - further preparation is necessary - we will inform as soon as a new date is fixed.



[Maintenance] 27.12.2023 - Server Maintenance

Added by Carsten Rose 2 months ago

Dear all

We will do some server maintenance on Wednesday 27.12.2023

a) Thinlinc maintenance 09:00 - 12:00
- We will replace the Homes Server by a new model.
- The thinlinc server will receive OS updates and rebooted.
- All thinlinc sessions will be terminated.

b) Compute storage maintenance 12:00 - 18:00
- We will OS upgrade the compute NFS storage server.
- Compute processes, which writes to `/compute/...` will probably break.

For latest updates please check 'IT News' on MY (

Thanks and have a nice Christmas.


[Phishing] WG: RE

Added by Levin Jason Meierhöfer 2 months ago

Von: Elon Musk <>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2023 10:55
Betreff: RE

Diese E-Mail stammt von Elon Musk und dem Gründer, CEO und Chefingenieur des SpaceX-Teams; Frühphaseninvestor, CEO und Produktarchitekt von Tesla, Inc.; Gründer von The Boring Company; und Mitbegründer von Neuralink und OpenAI. Mit einem geschätzten Nettovermögen von rund 245 Milliarden US-Dollar. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wurde zufällig aus der europäischen E-Mail-Datenbank ausgewählt und Sie haben 130 BTC (BITCOIN) entsprechend 4.124.270,00 erhalten.

Bitte nehmen Sie diese E-Mail sehr, sehr ernst und senden Sie eine E-Mail an die Schadensabteilung (

[Phishing] Dringend: Maßnahmen müssen innerhalb ...

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[Problem] Power outage

Added by Carsten Rose 2 months ago

Dear all

There was a short power outage (13:25) and several server in the server room has been rebooted. All services should be back and online again.

Sorry for the trouble


[Phishing] Validate(!

Added by Levin Jason Meierhöfer 2 months ago



We are upgrading our Email server security and closing all old versions/non-active users from today Dec-14-2023. Please kindly confirm/validate your email ( to keep your account from being Deactivated.

Until you confirm your email current password, some important incoming emails will be placed on HOLD

IT-Helpdesk: Mail Administrator 

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[Phishing] Re: Validate

Added by Carsten Rose 2 months ago

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