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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
7910QFQFeatureNewNormalCheck for double form namesCarsten Rose18.02.2019 22:14

7904QFQFeatureNewNormalRest API Export via FormCarsten Rose18.02.2019 21:35

7903QFQBugNewNormalDelete mit table= als parameter funktioniert nicht mehrCarsten Rose16.02.2019 13:34

Related to #7000
7899QFQBugNewNormalFe.type=password / retype / required: always complain about missing valueCarsten Rose15.02.2019 10:02

7891QFQBugNewNormalClick on extraButtonInfo triggers 'required' warningBenjamin Baer14.02.2019 20:22

7890QFQBugNewNormalFormElement 'required': extraButtonInfo not alignedBenjamin Baer14.02.2019 20:15

7883QFQFeatureNewHighLink to QFQ record: '... AS _qfq'Carsten Rose14.02.2019 17:42

7863QFQFeatureNewNormalpill title red: 'FE.mode=required'Marc Egger14.02.2019 12:27

7860QFQSupportFeedbackNormalUpdating AntispamBenjamin Baer13.02.2019 10:12

7850QFQFeatureNewHighUpload records: non 'pathFileName' column18.02.2019 21:35

7849QFQFeatureNewNormalUpload: optionally disable trash beside the File buttonBenjamin Baer10.02.2019 09:04

7838QFQBugFeedbackNormalsqlValidate does not work with inner queryCarsten Rose11.02.2019 12:18

7812QFQFeatureNewNormalFE 'Subrecord' - new option 'subrecordShowFilter', 'subrecordPaging'05.02.2019 11:58

7795QFQBugNewNormalReadonly Form: Typeahead-FelderCarsten Rose05.02.2019 08:19

7783QFQFeatureIn ProgressNormalFormElement: Code AnnotationCarsten Rose30.01.2019 10:34

7746QFQFeatureNewNormalQFQ: Rest API Import ueber FormCarsten Rose11.02.2019 08:36

7732QFQFeatureNewNormalJavascript: Lazy Loading der add on libs18.02.2019 21:35

7730QFQFeatureNewNormalSELECT Box: title in betweenBenjamin Baer28.01.2019 12:34

7729QFQFeatureReady to sync (develop)NormalSELECT: as datalist Carsten Rose06.02.2019 13:00

7705QFQBugNewHightemplateGroup: 'Add TG > Save Record' shows non replaced '%d' and copies a value from the first element of a TG to the new last one. Carsten Rose14.02.2019 10:40

7685QFQBugNewNormalOpen FormElement from QFQ error message and save modified record: error about missing {{formId:F}}Carsten Rose20.01.2019 15:33

7683QFQFeatureNewNormalSpecial column names in '{{ SELECT ... AS _link }}' should be detected18.02.2019 21:35

7682QFQFeatureNewHighInput 'textarea' with auto heightCarsten Rose14.02.2019 10:40

Blocks #7290
7681QFQFeatureNewNormalOptional switch off 'check for modified record'19.01.2019 10:41

7660QFQFeatureNewNormalIMAP: import mails to DB, move / delete mailsCarsten Rose17.01.2019 12:29

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