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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
9789 QFQ Bug In Progress High Record Lock: release to early on 'leave page' Carsten Rose 03.11.2022 16:14

Related to #10081, Related to #9173, Related to #8702 Actions
9275 QFQ Bug New Normal autcron: t3 page, which takes to long to respond, is not reported properly Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

3613 QFQ Bug Some day maybe Normal note /note unchecked -> note div (col-md) wird weiterhin gerendert Elias Villiger 01.02.2020 23:19

12632 QFQ Feature New Normal TinyMCE: Prepare CSS classes for images Carsten Rose 04.06.2021 14:35

Blocked by #12186 Actions
10115 QFQ Feature New Normal TypeAhead: static list Carsten Rose 26.02.2020 16:42

3402 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal Syntax Highlighting via CodeMirror Carsten Rose 11.12.2019 16:02

Related to #3207 Actions
9691 QFQ Bug In Progress Normal Checkbox: dynamic update > readonly Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

Related to #9834 Actions
13330 QFQ Feature In Progress Normal Multi Form: Upload Carsten Rose 07.11.2021 12:40

Related to #9706 Actions
12664 QFQ Feature New Normal TinyMCE: report/remove malicous HTML/JS Code Carsten Rose 20.09.2022 14:53

Related to #14320 Actions
8522 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal build QFQ - npm warnings Benjamin Baer 01.02.2020 23:19

6609 QFQ Feature New Normal Formlet: JSON API erweitern Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:21

9517 QFQ Feature In Progress High Input multiple tags with typeahead Carsten Rose 03.11.2022 16:14

Related to #10150 Actions
2665 QFQ Bug Priorize Normal Dynamic Update funktioniert nicht, wenn beim entsprechenden FormElement eine size angegeben ist. Benjamin Baer 24.10.2022 12:54

10793 QFQ Feature In Progress Normal Update NPM Packages Carsten Rose 07.09.2021 13:25

1623 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal RealURL 11.12.2019 16:03

15082 QFQ Support New Normal QFQ Version: 22.11.0 Carsten Rose 27.11.2022 22:02

15050 QFQ Support New Low Farbe Textfeld grau bei Wechsel von readonly auf show Enis Nuredini 18.11.2022 16:05

15036 QFQ Support ToDo Normal FormElement 'subrecord': Summary additional row Enis Nuredini 25.11.2022 09:06

15018 QFQ Support New High SIP not found error: a) fix, b) more information for debugging Carsten Rose 11.11.2022 12:34

15015 QFQ Support New Normal Doc: Export / Import Section Carsten Rose 10.11.2022 20:27

15013 QFQ Support Ready to sync (develop) High Excel Import does not work with multiple importRegion Enis Nuredini 16.11.2022 08:44

14999 QFQ Support New Normal FormElement 'text'/'select': horizontal alignment of symbol 'dropdown', 'up/down', 'clear me' Enis Nuredini 06.11.2022 17:18

14998 QFQ Support New Normal Default Escape-Type different between `sql`and `head|tail` Enis Nuredini 06.11.2022 15:51

14863 QFQ Support ToDo Normal Empfohlene qfq Version und typo3 Version Carsten Rose 12.10.2022 14:18

15079 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Beim speichern wird der Wert eines readonly Formelementes immer auf leer gesetzt. Pascal Rössler 25.11.2022 16:17

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