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6594 QFQ Feature New Normal Excel: on download, check if there is a valid sip Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:21

12024 QFQ Feature New Normal Excel Export: text columns by default decode htmlspeciachar() Carsten Rose 17.02.2021 23:55

Related to #12022 Actions
10976 QFQ Feature New Normal Excel Export Verbesserungen Carsten Rose 06.08.2020 10:56

10874 QFQ Feature New Normal Erstellen eines Foreign Keys in der Tabelle "FormElement" 13.07.2020 10:11

4330 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal Error Message: report missing {{ / }} in sqlUpdate, sqlInsert, sqlDelete, sqlAfter, sqlBefore in FE action elements. Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:20

9128 QFQ Feature New Normal Error Message: not replaced variables- a) replace back to '{{', b) underline Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

Related to #9129 Actions
5132 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal Error Message sendmail missing attachment: more details Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:19

8585 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Enhance Error message for 'unknown form' Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 10:13

14924 QFQ Feature New Normal Enhance error logging: a) increase max log lenght to 20kB, b) 'toUser:: SQL error' Carsten Rose 02.03.2024 19:52

5579 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal Enhance Doc / Presentation: variable type 'link column type' Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:19

14863 QFQ Feature ToDo Normal Empfohlene qfq Version und typo3 Version Carsten Rose 02.03.2024 19:54

5893 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal Edit on double-click 01.02.2020 23:19

Related to #5894 Actions
11460 QFQ Feature New Normal Easier creation of changelog: gitchangelog Carsten Rose 12.06.2021 10:20

Related to #13467 Actions
7109 QFQ Feature New Normal Dynamic Updates: row/element hide Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

Has duplicate #4081 Actions
6083 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal Dynamic Update: Value Check via SQL 11.12.2019 16:02

4082 QFQ Feature New Normal Dynamic Update: modeSql - useful default Carsten Rose 01.02.2020 23:22

6224 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Dynamic update: fade in/out fields Benjamin Baer 04.11.2022 09:03

11504 QFQ Feature New Normal Dynamic Update: Button text update for 'Save',' Close' & 'Delete' Carsten Rose 12.11.2020 23:44

Related to #12262 Actions
15095 QFQ Feature In Progress Normal Dynamic Update Trigger/Receiver only Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:54

3216 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal dynamic update für checkbox label2 Carsten Rose 11.12.2019 16:03

Related to #2081 Actions
4869 QFQ Feature New High Dynamic Update (show, hide, readonly?, required?) for Template Group Elements Jan Haller 02.03.2024 20:08

Related to #4865 Actions
2995 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal Dropdown JQuery Plugin: 'chosen' - Moeglichkeit um Select Listen mehr Funktion zu geben. Kein Bootstrap noetig. Carsten Rose 11.12.2019 16:03

10119 QFQ Feature New Normal Dropdown (selectlist) &TypeAhead: format and catagorize list Jan Haller 07.02.2024 16:18

12603 QFQ Feature New High Dropdown (Select), Radio, checkbox: itemListAlways={{!SELECT key, value...}} Carsten Rose 02.03.2024 20:08

5562 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Drag'n'Drop fuer Uploads Benjamin Baer 02.03.2024 19:53

Related to #9706 Actions
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