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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
14993 QFQ Feature New Normal MedTool fragt an nach einer Chat Loesung Support: Web 05.11.2022 12:22

Related to #13354 Actions
15237 QFQ Feature New Normal Inspiration Filemaker: Search/Filter via Detailform Support: Web 01.03.2023 14:11

15524 QFQ Feature New Normal Generic Report Page Support: Web 01.03.2023 14:11

Related to #15526 Actions
15924 QFQ Feature New Normal FormEditor: tablesorter subrecord formelement - filter per form Support: Web 02.04.2023 11:28

16236 QFQ Support New Normal FormEditor: sqlValidate - Dialog enhancements Support: Web 16.05.2023 08:40

15452 QFQ Feature New Normal Form: FormElements above/below of pills Support: Web 01.03.2023 14:11

16116 QFQ Support New Normal Form Wizard (a la Google Forms) for regular user Support: Web 27.04.2023 14:39

Related to #14395 Actions
16018 QFQ Support New Normal Form in multi column layout Support: Web 15.04.2023 14:53

14753 QFQ Bug New Normal Folgeproblem zu #14304: keine Befriedigend Lösung für JS-Files Support: Web 26.09.2022 08:44

15866 QFQ Bug New Normal FE.type=checkbox: error message 'empty sql1, itemlist' even if FE is hidden. Support: Web 02.04.2023 11:54

16064 QFQ Bug New Normal Dynamic Update Checkbox und Form Store in Parameter Support: Web 24.04.2023 08:38

15321 QFQ Feature New Normal Checkbox with more than 2 states - like doodle 'yes', 'no', 'maybe', ... Support: Web 25.04.2023 10:46

15428 QFQ Feature New Normal Calendar: create new event with mouse click Support: Web 01.03.2023 14:11

15969 QFQ Feature New Normal Auto Update Stored Procedure Support: Web 06.04.2023 11:59

15413 QFQ Feature New Normal '... AS _monitor': line wrap, search, select text, syntax highlight Support: Web 01.03.2023 14:11

11237 QFQ Bug New High Radiobutton / parameter.buttonClass= btn-default - kein dirty Trigger Benjamin Baer 03.11.2022 16:14

Related to #10766 Actions
7602 QFQ Feature ToDo High Multi Select: with checkboxes Benjamin Baer 03.11.2022 16:14

11057 QFQ Bug New High Checkboxes ohne span.checkmark im Report werden ausgeblendet Benjamin Baer 03.11.2022 16:14

Related to #11039 Actions
4457 QFQ Bug Priorize Normal typeahead: pressing return to select an item, saves the form and closes the form. Benjamin Baer 04.11.2022 09:01

Related to #4398 Actions
4398 QFQ Bug Some day maybe Normal Typeahead: mouse click in a prefilled input opens a single item dropdown with the current value - click on it seems to set the value, not the key. Benjamin Baer 01.02.2020 23:20

Related to #4457 Actions
15083 QFQ Bug New Normal Tags: Input & ExtraButtonInfo/Lock/Show password - shifted Benjamin Baer 28.11.2022 10:36

6970 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal tablesorter: default fuer 'sortReset' aendern von 'Ctrl' zu 'Alt' Benjamin Baer 01.02.2020 23:21

9130 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal tablesorter: Automatic Row numbering / Zeilenummer Benjamin Baer 01.02.2020 23:22

14705 QFQ Bug New Normal Tablesorter Viewsaver: Icons broken in dropdownlist (only in firefox) Benjamin Baer 04.11.2022 09:02

7730 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal SELECT Box: title in between Benjamin Baer 01.02.2020 23:22

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