Public: [Phishing] Are you available?

Added by Carsten Rose 4 months ago

From: "Prof. Dr. Jean Bertoin" <>


Assistance needed at the moment, kindly write me back as soon as possible

Best Regards,
Prof. Dr. Jean Bertoin
Head of Institute

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Public: [Phishing] advertencia de cuota

Added by Daniel Schildknecht 5 months ago

Estimado usuario de correo electrónico,
Su buzón excedió su límite de almacenamiento. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA DESBLOQUEAR,
Rellene y haga clic en ENVIAR para obtener más espacio o no podrá enviar correo.

***** The information contained in this communication is privileged and confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and others authorized to receive it.  If you are not the intended recipient, you must not disclose or use the information contained in it.  If you have received this email in error, please notify us immediately.  You may contact us at (+xxx) xxxxx-xxxx or email us at  *****
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Public: [Phishing] Suspensión

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We noticed your account with the address ***** was accessed from a different IP. 
Please login now and confirm your address to continue using our account!


Public: [Phishing] Re-Validate Exceeded

Added by Carsten Rose 5 months ago

Hello Email  [[-User-]]

Please note that  [[-Email-]] is undergoing routine maintenance and your
mailbox  is using old  Security settings to handle incoming and outgoing

If you fail to confirm as an active user of your email account within 48
hours of receiving this Automated email, you will be prevented fro
sending and receiving emails


Thank you
Email service
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Public: [Phishing] 'no subject'

Added by Carsten Rose 5 months ago

Your %0% Email Account has Exceeded it Quota limit as set by Administrator,
you will not be Able to Receive Message unless To Re-Validate Email Account, 
Please  CLICK: Re-Validate  Account

Zimbra Admin  CLICK: Re-Validate  

Public: [Phishing] ⚠ <name> Konto wird aufgelöst ...

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Sehr <name>,

Ihr E-Mail-Konto wurde aufgrund verdächtiger Aktivitäten gesperrt.

Sie können Ihr E-Mail-Konto erst verwenden, wenn die entsprechenden Maßnahmen ergriffen wurden.

Um ein Herunterfahren zu vermeiden, müssen Sie dem folgenden Link folgen:

Hier klicken um fortzufahren

Nichtbeachtung führt zur endgültigen Schließung des E-Mail-Kontos.

Danke. 2020. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Public: [Phishing] <name> Urgent!!!

Added by Carsten Rose 5 months ago

Attention: <name>

Your <name> Email Quota has Reached 98% and will soon Exceed its limit 
you will not be Able to Receive Message.
Follow the URL Below to upgrade your quota to 25GB for free to Avoid loss of Email Data.


Source: <name> Zimbra Email Administrator

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