Public: [Warning] Phishing email: Email De-Activation

Added by Rafael Ostertag almost 5 years ago

  • Subject: Email De-Activation,Please Re-Validate Your Mailbox.
  • Sender: Email Security
  • Date: 13.04.2016
    Your Mailbox Will Be Suspended!!!!! 
    Hi, Mailbox User 
    A termination request was received from your mailbox account, your mailbox will be terminated after 24 hours. 
    If you would like to continue using your e-mail account. 
    Re-Validate Now 
    Team Security. 
    Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved. 
    ______________________________ ______________________________ ____ 
    Please do not reply to this message. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered. 
    This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. 

Public: [Warning] Phishing email: Re-Validate Your Email

Added by Carsten Rose almost 5 years ago

  • Subject: Re-Validate Your Email
  • Sender: E-mail Security
  • Date 11.4.16
Dear User

Your Incoming messages are queued and pending delivery
because your email storage limit is exceeded.

Your are required to upgrade mail quota (free) to restore
normal email delivery.

Upgrade Mail Quota

Thank you.
Mail Team

Public: [Warning] Phishing email: Email Termination (do not ignore)

Added by Benjamin Baer almost 5 years ago

  • Subject: Email Termination (do not ignore)
  • Sender: E-mail Security
  • Date 7.4.16

You would be blocked from sending and receiving emails if not confirmed within 24hrs of receiving this automated mail. You are required to update through the link below.


Thanks for using Yahoo

Thank you!
Yahoo! Mail Administrator.Team.

Public: [Warning] Phishing email: Verification

Added by Benjamin Baer almost 5 years ago

Dear Zimbra User,

This is to inform you that someone else was trying to log into your Zimbra account from a different location {IP: CHINA : 01/04/2016 by 04:10 AM GTM}

If this is not you kindly click below to sign in to update and verify your account for you have only 12 hours to do this in order to keep your Zimbra account active.

Click Here to verify your Account.

This Email is Subject to mandatory follow, Failure to comply would lead to Permanent closure of Account.

Technical support team

Public: [Warning] Phishing email: security update on your account!

Added by Carsten Rose almost 5 years ago

  • Subject: security update on your account!
  • Sender: Email Account Update
  • Date: 31.3.16
Hi User,

We noticed your default browser in which your mail box was logged in and has recently updated. 

For safety reasons we have temporary listed your email for immediate shutdown if not verified within 24hrs.

No further action is necessary; this is just a notification for your account safety, just follow the above 
link and Sign Back and Continue your free usage.

Have a great day! 

Mail Team.

Public: [Info] Updated Sage to Version 7.1

Added by Rafael Ostertag almost 5 years ago

Sage has been updated to version 7.1.

If you require the previous version 6.8, open a terminal and type


which will launch Sage 6.8.


Also available in: Atom