[Phishing Email] Your Zimbra Expired 19/4/2017, Update ..

Added by Carsten Rose over 7 years ago

Your account certificate expired on 19/4/2017, it may interrupt your email delivery configuration, and POP account settings page error when messaging. To re-new your zimbra certificate, please take a moment to update your records per link below.


Account will function as normal after the verification process, zimbra and your certificate will be re-newed.

[Solved] Mail Server down

Added by Benjamin Baer over 7 years ago

The mail server is online again since 18:30.

The problem was a 'mailbox restart' command, startet with the wrong user permission. As a result, several directories and files has been created with the wrong permissions. It took some time to find those files.

Sorry for the trouble.

Benj & Carsten

[Solved] Institutes Website down

Added by Carsten Rose over 7 years ago

The institutes webserver is down since 04:00 this morning - we're working on the problem.

The problem is solved, the website should be online again. The problem was an automatic generated rewrite rule with a missing module number. The rewrite logic now skips empty module numbers.

Sorry for the trouble.


[Phishing Email] Mail-Sicherheitshinweis

Added by Carsten Rose over 7 years ago

Ihr Mailbox-Setup wurde vorübergehend gesperrt.
Um Ihre Mailbox bitte zu aktivieren Klick hier

Institut für Mathematik

Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche FakultätUniversität Zürich.

[Phishing Email] Dear User

Added by Carsten Rose over 7 years ago

Our record indicates that you recently made a request to shutdown your
email And this request will be processed shortly.

If this request was made accidentally and you have no knowledge of it,
you are advised to cancel the request now or account will be shut down

Click HERE to cancel De-activation.

E-mail system Admin (c)2017

[Phishing Email] Webmail Alert.

Added by Carsten Rose over 7 years ago

Take note of this important update that our new webmail has been
improved with a new messaging system from which also include
faster usage on email, shared calendar,web documents and the new 2017
anti-spam version. Please use the link below to complete your update for
our new improved webmail.


Regards Technical Services Group, ICT


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