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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
5805 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal TypeAHead SQL value instead of key stored 27.01.2023 17:53

Related to #5444 Actions
15451 QFQ Bug New Normal Resubmit on form opened in new tab and set to forward=close is possible Support: Web 27.01.2023 14:28

15448 QFQ Feature New Normal Tablesorter clear filter Support: Web 27.01.2023 12:38

15446 QFQ Feature New Normal QFQ Best Practice Form Design Support: Web 27.01.2023 12:22

15445 QFQ Bug New Normal Output Widged fehlt in der Dokumentation Support: Web 26.01.2023 16:53

15013 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Excel Import does not work with multiple importRegion Carsten Rose 25.01.2023 17:34

8204 QFQ Feature In Progress High Position 'required mark' Pascal Rössler 25.01.2023 16:16

8668 QFQ Bug Ready to sync (develop) High Pill disabled: dyamic mode 'hidden' not respected - FE is still required Pascal Rössler 25.01.2023 14:32

15420 QFQ Bug Ready to sync (develop) Normal TypeAhead Prefetch triggers formChanged after save Pascal Rössler 25.01.2023 10:09

15428 QFQ Support New Normal Calendar: create new event with mouse click Support: Web 24.01.2023 15:02

7650 QFQ Bug Ready to sync (develop) High Optional do not show 'required' sign on FormElement Pascal Rössler 23.01.2023 12:26

4365 QFQ Feature New Normal Multi Language: new way of config Carsten Rose 22.01.2023 12:09

Related to #15053 Actions
15200 QFQ Support New Normal Remove JQW Enis Nuredini 22.01.2023 11:49

14995 QFQ Feature In Progress Normal Search in DB for occurrences of a string Enis Nuredini 22.01.2023 11:21

15413 QFQ Support New Normal '... AS _monitor': line wrap, search, select text, syntax highlight Support: Web 22.01.2023 11:02

6602 QFQ Feature New Normal Inline-Edit (Formlet): in Report auf Mausklick ein mini-form oeffnen Pascal Rössler 20.01.2023 14:46

Related to #6610, Related to #15324, Related to #6609 Actions
15324 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Direct upload via qfq/report - special case of 'Inline-Edit' ('formlet') Pascal Rössler 15.01.2023 17:40

Related to #6602, Related to #15323, Related to #6609 Actions
15323 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal FormElement in QFQ/report (ohne Form POST) Enis Nuredini 15.01.2023 17:36

Related to #15324 Actions
15321 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Checkbox with more than 2 states - like doodle 'yes', 'no', 'maybe', ... Jan Haller 13.01.2023 15:49

15366 QFQ Support New Normal Required fields: custom symbol / no symbol Support: Web 12.01.2023 17:22

10013 QFQ Feature New Normal FE.typ=editor: CodeMirror Jan Haller 12.01.2023 12:50

Related to #12611, Related to #12490, Related to #7732, Related to #15362 Actions
15362 QFQ Feature New Normal Add button to text inputs in Form (Element) Editor to switch between FE.type=input and FE.type=editor Jan Haller 12.01.2023 12:48

Related to #10013 Actions
15361 QFQ Feature New Normal Dynamic typeahead for tablenames, columnnames and SQL-keywords in Form (Element) Editor Jan Haller 12.01.2023 12:47

15168 QFQ Bug Priorize Normal Language change after form save Enis Nuredini 05.01.2023 22:59

12395 QFQ Bug Priorize High QFQ Function: Result two times shown Carsten Rose 05.01.2023 22:56

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