[Information] Emergency power test 29.6.16, 06:00 - 08:00

Added by Carsten Rose almost 8 years ago

We will have the yearly emergency power test at

Wednesday, 29.6.16, early in the morning.

During this test, the regular power will be switched off.

We have to shut down the whole IT infrastructure before and power up again after the test.

Please expect a downtime of

06:00 - 08:00

for all I-MATH services:
  • Web
  • Mail
  • Thinlinc
  • GIT
  • EdX
  • Compute

Also, the power cabling of the compute server will be restructered. The compute server will be offline 06:00-12:00.

Thanks a lot.


[Warning] Phishing email: IT Services

Added by Carsten Rose almost 8 years ago

Subject: IT Services
Sender: jia...
Date: 20.6.2016

Due to the recent spam arrest software just installed by the University 
IT service desk you will be required to upgrade your e-mail access point by clicking the link below.
Copy/click here:  http://www....
IT Service Desk.
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Lieber Benutzer:
Ihre Mailbox ist jetzt zu 95% voll und als Ergebnis werden Sie nicht in der Lage sein, neue E-Mails zu senden oder zu empfangen, bis Sie auf den Link klicken unten auf
aktualisieren und Ihre E-Mail-Quote zu erhöhen. Klicken Sie unten oder kopieren Sie in Ihren Browser:

[Solved] Compute server 'david' down

Added by Carsten Rose almost 8 years ago

The compute server 'david' is down since 15:13 5.6.16, due to a broken power supply board.

  • Update 6.6.16: A technician has been called and will replace the faulty power supply board today.
  • Update 6.6.16, 15:15: The faulty part has been replaced, the server is online again.

[Information] Two additional ThinLinc Servers

Added by Rafael Ostertag about 8 years ago

In order to remedy high load on our ThinLinc Servers, we installed two additional ThinLinc Servers.

If your sessions is slow, you may logout and login again, in order to create a session on the new machines.

[Information] Printer jcolor offline

Added by Carsten Rose about 8 years ago

Dear all

the color copy machine 'jcolor' is offline due to a missing cartridge. We expect the delivery Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sorry for the offline time.



[Warning] Phishing email: Re-Validate

Added by Carsten Rose about 8 years ago

Your Zimbra Mailbox Has Exceeded It Quota/Limit As Set By Zimbra Team, And You May Not Be Able To Send Or Receive New Mails Until You Re-Validate Your Zimbra Mailbox. 
To Re-Validate, Please  Click Here to verify your Account.

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