[INFO] Rewiring of Serverrack

Added by Rafael Ostertag almost 8 years ago

Due to power issues, we have to rewire the Compute Rack

Tomorrow, Aug 16, from 07:00-07:30

We don't expect any service impact.

Best Regards
Rafael Ostertag

[Warning] Phishing email: IT Services-Service..

Added by Benjamin Baer almost 8 years ago

Subject: IT Services-Service Desk

Dear User:
We have reason to believe your email account has been compromised and has been temporarily suspended for your security; therefore you would be restricted from receiving new messages and other email features. For your email account restore you must verify your identity.
Click here to begin:
IT Services-Service Desk.

[Warning] Phishing email: WARNING! E-Mail Quota..

Added by Benjamin Baer almost 8 years ago

  • Subject: WARNING! E-Mail Quota Exceeded
Your mailbox account size has reached 970.54MB, which is over 90% of your 1024.00MB quota.
Please click on the link below to update and increase your quota.
Click here or copy to your browser:  xttp:// [[removed URL]]
IT Service Desk.

[WARNING] Phishing Email

Added by Rafael Ostertag almost 8 years ago

  • Subject: IT Service Desk
    Due to the recent spam arrest software just installed by the Admin
    you will be required to upgrade your e-mail access point by clicking the link below.
    Click here or copy to your browser:
    IT Service Desk.

[Maintentance] Windows Server offline 18:00-18:30

Added by Benjamin Baer almost 8 years ago

Our Windows Server will be restarted today at 18:00 and will be usable again after 18:30.

We plan to increase the Resources of our Windows Server, since he had a constant high load today.

The Windows Server of assistants won't be affected.

[Warning] Phishing email

Added by Carsten Rose almost 8 years ago

  • E-MAIL DE-ACTIVATION [Fix support@ma...]
    Server Alert  
    Subject: Your mailbox will be shutdown today. Upgrade quota now!
    Dear account holder,
    Your mailbox (%0%) has run out of quota and due for upgrade. 
    Soon you will no longer be abot to send or receive emails henceforth unless you upgrade your mail quota now.
    Click here to upgrade your mailbox now
    If you fail to upgrade your mail quota now, your mailbox will be shutdown without further notice.
    Source: Mail Center
  • Started enjoying the new interface
    Dear User
    We just upgrade to a new zimbra webmail interface and everyone has started enjoying the new 
    fast webmail interface, its very easy try it now: ( http://nwzmbclnt.d-abor...)

[Warning] Phishing email

Added by Carsten Rose almost 8 years ago

  • Missing some new updated functions
    We notice that your email account has not yet been upgraded 
    to our new client and for this reason your email account is having some 
    slow mail server and also missing some new updated functions, to start 
    running the new client follow the HTTP URL and access it immediately.
    URL: http://zmbcnnect.partou...

[Solved] Thinlinc offline : Saturday 2.7.16 05:27 - 11:00

Added by Carsten Rose almost 8 years ago

Dear all

one of our cloud servers, bates, has been crashed this morning at 05:27. Unfortunately, the machine crashed not completely - e.g. 'ping' and some basic networking was still active. Four of our 18 thinlinc agents and one thinlinc master are located on that bare metal. Due to the fact that 'some networking' was still running, the 'high availability' check did not recognized the failed thinlinc master service and did not triggered the failover service. As a result creating new sessions or reconnecting was not possible during offline time. Further, the session on the four thinlinc agents are lost.

Sorry for trouble.



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