[New] Thinlinc / Compute - new prompt

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

The default prompt in any bash terminal (thinlinc & compute server) have been changed.

  • The history number has been replaced by the last part of the current directory.
  • If the current directory is equal to the home directy, the '~' will be displyed.
  • The return code of the last command will be shown (as earlier). This is quite usefull to check if the last command encountered any errors (0 means ok, everything else means 'some error').
    0-~> ls /tMp
    ls: cannot access /tMp: No such file or directory
    2-~> cd /tmp
    0-tmp> ls 

[Warning] Phishing Email: Ticket#[Mail upgrade]

Added by Rafael Ostertag over 8 years ago

  • Subject: Ticket#[Mail upgrade]
  • Sender: ITS service Team
  • Date: 23.11.2015
    Your outlook mailbox has not been validated and from our records, you have 3 pending messages due to failure of validating your mailbox on the recent outlook admin server.
    To resume receipt of e-mails into your mailbox, you are advised to click here to re-validate your outlook mailbox.
     ITS service Team
    © Copyright 2015.
    All Rights Reserved

[Solved] Beamer H28 unreliable

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

The beamer in H28 didn't function realiable in the past weeks. This should be solved now. Please report any further issues with the beamer.

Background: it seems that the video cables are too long. We changed some electrical grounding as well as installed a video cable with a lower impedance. The beamer has been successfull tested with 4 different notebooks. Additional an extra amplifier will be installed.

[Solved] Windows printing problems

Added by Benjamin Baer over 8 years ago

The printer weren't reachable from our windows sessions this afternoon.

This problem has been resolved, linux and notebooks weren't affected.

This incident occurred, due to changes to our printservers we had made.

[Solved] Network problems with some terminals and printers

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

Dear all

after the network migration from yesterday, we found several broken or misconfigured network ports. Affected are all devices which are configured for LAN connections like printers and thinlinc terminals. Symptoms are 'no printing at all' or for the terminals 'booting and stopping'. Please report any problems to .

  • The terminal booting problem has been fixed by installing the latest updates.
  • The broken network ports has been identified as wrong documented - and therefore not broken.


[Warning] Phising email: From November, all will be ...

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

  • Subject: From November, all will be swiched to the newest interface
  • Sender: Admin
  • Date: 17.10.2015D
Dear Student/Staff,
It is mandatory that all university( w e b m a i l )   ( u s e r ) start connecting with the newest ( z i m b r a ) interface because by November all ( u s e r ) will be switched to the new interface.
Try it now here: www.....

AGU's E-mail System
Contact us: support@...

[Warning] Phising email: Scanned Image from ...

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

  • Subject: Scanned Image from a Xerox WorkCentre
  • Sender: Xerox WorkCentre <>
  • Date: 16.10.2015
    Please open the attached document. It was scanned and sent to you using a Xerox WorkCentre Pro.
    Sent by:
    Number of Images: 8
    Attachment File Type: ZIP [PDF]
    WorkCentre Pro Location: Machine location not set
    Device Name: 35ARAT2W09
    Attached file is scanned image in PDF format.
    Adobe(R)Reader(R) can be downloaded from the following URL:

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