[New] All wikis in UZH CD layout

Added by Benjamin Baer over 8 years ago

We updated all of our wikis from the 'moin moin' standard design to a more UZH CD friendly look.

To make it more clear that the wikis are hosted inside the institute, we incorporated a more UZH CD friendly design for all of our internal and public wikis.

We also changed the message 'you do not have permission to view this site' to be more clear that you should login to the wiki first. The standard message was confusing and didn't point you to where you could login.

[Open] I-MATH Downtime: 21.10.15 18:00 - 06:00

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

The network infrastructure of our building Y27 will be migrated (VOIP preparation).

During the maintenance, all Thinlinc terminals and all IMATH servers will be down. This includes Mail, Web, SSH, GIT, EDX, Thinlinc remote access ...

Maintenance Time:
Wednesday 21.10.15 18:00 - Thursday 22.10.15 06:00.

Please expect that incoming mail, which migth delayed more than 4 hours, generates warnings to the sender about 'not delivered yet'. This is only a warning - the mail will be delivered as soon as the mailserver is online again.

During the maintenance window, we will also do some server reconfiguration and therefore reboot all servers, including all Thinlinc and NFS servers.



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