[Solved] Power failure in the serverroom

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

During the evening we had a power failure in the serverroom. The I-MATH cloud was unaccessible: thinlinc, ssh, edx. All Thinlinc sessions are lost.

Duration: 1.10.2015 20:40 CEST - 2.10.2015 08:30 CEST

  • One fuse has switched off and a connected network switch stops working. The storage for the I-MATH cloud are connected via this network switch and therefore the whole I-MATH cloud stopped working.
  • To resolve the broken storage connection, a complete reboot of all VM of the I-MATH cloud was necessary.
  • The mailserver and the webserver are not affected, cause they use a local storage.
  • With the next maintenance date 21.10.15, we will rearrange the power distribution as well as reconnecting all I-MATH netwoork switches to a USV.
  • Notifcation of the malfunction has been automatically reported (just in time) - unfortunately the receiving mobile phone was 'muted' and the alarm not recognized at the evening.

[Solved] Problems with new thinlinc server tl15/16

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

During the day we encountered different problems with the two new thinlinc servers tl15 and tl16.
The main problem was 'no access from outside of the institute' - multiple firewall and ssh configurations issues caused this.
We apologize for the trouble.


[Solved] Institute offline 1.10.15, 13:50-13:58

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

A technician removed accidently a power cable from a main network switch in our server room - the institute has been 8 minute offline: no web, mail, thinlinc.
Now, everything should be normal again.

The work in the server room is related to 'VoIP preparation' on 21.10.15.

Sorry for the trouble.


[Warning] Phishing email: Account Alert®

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

  • Date: 1.10.15
  • Sender: Zimbra Team
    Dear valued user,
    There are two pending messages on your email account which is as a result of the compromised nature of your account because of the new Zimbra!
    Mail Server(ZCS 9.1.5). According to provision 13.3 of Terms and Conditions, Zimbra have deployed new Zimbra! Mail Server(ZCS 9.1.5) for all Zimbra account.
    So Zimbra will at any time terminate its services for your account on old Zimbra! Mail Server.
    You are now to upgrade to the new Zimbra! Mail Server (ZCS 9.1.5)! for proper function of your account and also to avoid termination of your account. Once your account has been upgraded, we will automatically restore your account to its normal state.
    Upgrade Here Now
    Kindly perform this upgrade as soon as you receive this message to unfold your pending messages.
    Zimbra! Account Service.
    Thank You for Using Zimbra!
    Zimbra security server for customer service support!

Latest phishing email:

[New] Two additional ThinLinc Servers installed

Added by Rafael Ostertag over 8 years ago

In order to improve the performance of the ThinLinc System, we added two additional ThinLinc Servers.

If you feel your session being slow, please log off of your current ThinLinc session and do a fresh login.

[New] Thinlinc: Technews notification applet installed

Added by Carsten Rose over 8 years ago

All Thinlinc sessions now start a small applet in the upper right corner to display the latest I-MATH IT News.

The IT group uses this channel to inform thinlinc users about the latest updates, warning and reminders.
The icon starts blinking as soon as a new message arrives.

[New] All wikis in UZH CD layout

Added by Benjamin Baer over 8 years ago

We updated all of our wikis from the 'moin moin' standard design to a more UZH CD friendly look.

To make it more clear that the wikis are hosted inside the institute, we incorporated a more UZH CD friendly design for all of our internal and public wikis.

We also changed the message 'you do not have permission to view this site' to be more clear that you should login to the wiki first. The standard message was confusing and didn't point you to where you could login.


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