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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
12085 QFQ Feature In Progress Normal Persistent download url Carsten Rose 05.03.2021 08:22

12067 QFQ Support Feedback Normal qfq 21.02.00 / qfq-master 26.02.2021 17:23

12066 QFQ Bug New Normal enterAsSubmit: Forward wird nicht ausgeführt Carsten Rose 26.02.2021 16:43

12045 QFQ Bug New Normal templateGroup afterSave FE: Aufruf ohne sqlHonorFormElements funktioniert nicht Carsten Rose 18.02.2021 16:33

12040 QFQ Bug New Normal FE Mode 'hidden' für zwei FEs auf einer Zeile Carsten Rose 18.02.2021 10:13

12039 QFQ Feature New Normal Missing htmlSpecialChar() in pre processing on form submit 18.02.2021 00:09

12038 QFQ Feature New Normal a) STORE_VAR: filenameOnlyStripUniq, b) SP: QSTRIPUNIQ() 17.02.2021 23:55

12024 QFQ Feature New Normal Excel Export: text columns by default decode htmlspeciachar() Carsten Rose 17.02.2021 23:55

Related to #12022 Actions
12023 QFQ Feature New Normal MySQL Stored Precdure: QDECODESPECIALCHAR() Carsten Rose 16.02.2021 11:16

Related to #12022 Actions
12016 QFQ Bug Feedback Normal Password hashing fallback for Typo3 v8 not working in API request Carsten Rose 15.02.2021 18:06

12015 QFQ Bug New Normal Form instead of form in old form list report Carsten Rose 19.02.2021 10:54

Related to #11995 Actions
11998 QFQ Feature New Normal Custom QFQ-Code zentral definiert Carsten Rose 19.02.2021 15:09

Related to #11569 Actions
11995 QFQ Bug New Normal BUG: After Upgrade from 20.6.2 to 21.2.0 Forms can't be edited Carsten Rose 19.02.2021 10:56

Related to #12015 Actions
11980 QFQ Support In Progress Normal protected verzeichnis MUSS geschützt werden Marc Egger 09.02.2021 11:46

11955 QFQ Support New Normal subrecord: new title option to set <th> attributes - e.g. to customize tablesorter options. Carsten Rose 05.02.2021 15:25

Related to #11775 Actions
11953 QFQ Support In Progress Normal überall absolue anstatt relative pfade verwenden für Filesystem pfade Marc Egger 09.02.2021 11:40

Related to #11926 Actions
11926 QFQ Support In Progress Normal Anmerkungen zu FormAsFile Marc Egger 09.02.2021 11:40

Related to #11953 Actions
11893 QFQ Support New Normal Broken SIP: a) only report one time, b) only report in main column 25.01.2021 07:42

11892 QFQ Support New Normal tablesorter: columns with links are hard to order - new qualifier 'Y:<ord>' Carsten Rose 23.01.2021 13:57

11891 QFQ Bug New Normal Seite bleibt verschwommen, wenn QFQ Error-Popup mit Enter geschlossen wird Carsten Rose 22.01.2021 13:09

11890 QFQ Feature In Progress Normal option to disable form as file sync Marc Egger 22.01.2021 11:56

11850 QFQ Support New Urgent Wizard Form: basierend auf einer Tabelle eine Form anlegen. 14.01.2021 10:13

11849 QFQ Support New Urgent Wizard: Form2 zu QFQ 14.01.2021 10:10

11775 QFQ Feature New Normal Subrecord Tooltip pro Feld Carsten Rose 18.12.2020 15:22

Related to #11955 Actions
11769 QFQ Support New Urgent fehlende Tabelle in der Dokumentation 14.01.2021 10:10

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