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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
14884 QFQ Feature New Normal Darstellung Pflichtfelder / Beschreibung was fehlt oder falsch ist Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:54

14998 QFQ Bug New Normal Default Escape-Type different between `sql`and `head|tail` Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:54

14999 QFQ Bug New Normal FormElement 'text'/'select': horizontal alignment of symbol 'dropdown', 'up/down', 'clear me' Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:54

15047 QFQ Bug New Low {{allRequiredGiven:V}} = 0, wenn Note Formelement auf required ist Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:54

15050 QFQ Bug New Low Farbe Textfeld grau bei Wechsel von readonly auf show Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:52

15095 QFQ Feature In Progress Normal Dynamic Update Trigger/Receiver only Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:54

15200 QFQ Feature New Normal Remove JQW Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:53

15310 QFQ Feature New Normal Direct File Upload on page Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:54

15317 QFQ Bug New Normal view-saver (tablesorter) is blocking header if header column contains linebreak Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:54

15323 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal FormElement in QFQ/report (ohne Form POST) Enis Nuredini 15.01.2023 17:36

Related to #15324 Actions
15656 QFQ Feature New Normal SearchReplace: nice to have Enis Nuredini 01.03.2023 10:53

16037 QFQ Feature New Normal Update 'make bootstrap' Enis Nuredini 31.10.2023 16:47

Related to #12133, Related to #10793, Related to #8522, Related to #16036 Actions
16345 QFQ Bug ToDo High TinyMCE: size / min-height scheint in QFQ V23.3.0 nicht zu funktionieren Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 20:08

16346 QFQ Feature New Normal Tablesorter: clearme missing Enis Nuredini 02.03.2024 19:53

Related to #14636 Actions
17291 QFQ Bug New Normal FE CodeMirror nicht scrollable je nach Setup Enis Nuredini 16.11.2023 11:05

17790 QFQ Feature New Normal QFQ Chat V1.3 Enis Nuredini 02.02.2024 11:08

Related to #17462 Actions
17828 QFQ Feature New Normal Tablesorter disable saved filter Enis Nuredini 06.02.2024 14:30

17993 QFQ Feature New Normal filepond: Color for message 'file is of invalid type' Enis Nuredini 26.02.2024 08:06

18031 QFQ Bug New Normal PHPUnit-Tests funktionieren nicht mit der neuen PHP-Version Enis Nuredini 01.03.2024 14:18

18047 QFQ Feature New Normal (filepond) uploadType: a) report invalid value, b) change v1/v2 to 1/2, c) CodeMirror keyword Enis Nuredini 03.03.2024 23:23

18048 QFQ Support New Normal Upload (filepond): FE.downloadButton missing tooltip Enis Nuredini 03.03.2024 23:36

4869 QFQ Feature New High Dynamic Update (show, hide, readonly?, required?) for Template Group Elements Jan Haller 02.03.2024 20:08

Related to #4865 Actions
10119 QFQ Feature New Normal Dropdown (selectlist) &TypeAhead: format and catagorize list Jan Haller 07.02.2024 16:18

12186 QFQ Feature New Normal TinyMCE Config für Objekte Jan Haller 07.10.2023 13:17

Blocks #12632 Actions
15362 QFQ Feature Some day maybe Normal Add button to text inputs in Form (Element) Editor to switch between FE.type=input and FE.type=editor Jan Haller 02.03.2024 19:53

Related to #10013 Actions
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