[Solved] Safari Compatibility

Added by Benjamin Baer almost 9 years ago

Resolved a problem with saving your credentials for Localinfo and other Typo3 Instances on Safari / IOS Devices.

Safari wasn't able to handle the javascript form input correctly and did safe a hash instead of the password. We have fixed this compatibility Issue now.

[New] All User in Redmine

Added by Benjamin Baer almost 9 years ago

All User have been added to redmine and can now create Issues via email to .

They are also able to simply answer to a email, which automatically updates the issue with their comment.

This should make communication with the Issue creator effortless and let's you keep track of the current status your Issue is in.

[Solved] Webserver moved to new bare metal

Added by Carsten Rose almost 9 years ago

The VMs has been moved to a much faster host. The new bare metal offers 64GB instead of 12GB and three times faster CPU's. The move of the images took around 1 hour.During the main time all VM instances has been dead.

[Solved] IMATH Cloud Crash

Added by Carsten Rose about 9 years ago

A missconfiguration on the Cloud NFS exports made the share unavailable to the cloud bare metals. As ar result, the local filesystem of all virtual machines becomes read only. Regain read/write access is only possible by power off and on of all virtual machine.

[Finished] Maintenance mail server: Friday, 29.5.15, 20:00

Added by Carsten Rose about 9 years ago

The institutes mailserver have been upgraded to the latest OS and Zimbra version.

Announced: Friday, 29.5.15, 20:00 - 23:30
Final Duration: Friday, 29.5.15, 20:00 - 23:45

During the maintenance time:
  • The mail server is completely offline.
  • Arriving emails will be delivered in the following hours.
  • OS Update from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04.
  • Zimbra Update from 8.0.7 to 8.6.0.
  • The mailserver becomes a virtual machine.
  • The new CPUs will be 2 times faster than the old ones.
  • The main memory will be doubled from 8GB to 16GB.
  • The local disk storage will be increased to 1.3TB (300GB used at 06/2015).

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