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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
12476 QFQ Feature New Normal clearMe: a) should trigger 'dirty', b) sticky on textarea resize Enis Nuredini 02.06.2023 18:05

Related to #9528, Related to #14636 Actions
13331 QFQ Bug New Normal Multi Form: Clear Icon misplaced Enis Nuredini 02.06.2023 18:00

Related to #14636 Actions
15656 QFQ Feature New Normal SearchReplace: nice to have Enis Nuredini 01.03.2023 10:53

15323 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal FormElement in QFQ/report (ohne Form POST) Enis Nuredini 15.01.2023 17:36

Related to #15324 Actions
14625 QFQ Bug ToDo Normal WebPass Import: User with ' in name - Form ist incomplete Enis Nuredini 10.11.2022 08:38

3613 QFQ Bug Some day maybe Normal note /note unchecked -> note div (col-md) wird weiterhin gerendert Elias Villiger 01.02.2020 23:19

18610 QFQ Bug In Progress Normal ImageCut: Exception 'Missing imageSource' after upload + save Carsten Rose 17.05.2024 10:55

18601 QFQ Support New Normal typeahead: sanatize Class applied to value, should be applied to key Carsten Rose 15.05.2024 13:27

18595 QFQ Support New Normal Form / htmlspecialchar: convert }} to HTML Entity } } Carsten Rose 15.05.2024 10:58

18585 QFQ Support New Normal qfqpdf / puppeteer: as daemon Carsten Rose 13.05.2024 10:18

18581 QFQ Support New Normal CHAT refactor Carsten Rose 11.05.2024 14:05

18547 QFQ Feature In Progress Normal Create QFQ tables on demand Carsten Rose 03.05.2024 22:36

Related to #18548 Actions
18499 QFQ Support New Normal FE.type upload: a) guarantee unique filename, b) on download, offer orig filename Carsten Rose 26.04.2024 17:37

18493 QFQ Support New Normal Nextcloud Assistent: diverse AI Funktionen - check ob das fuer Notez interessant ist. Carsten Rose 26.04.2024 08:32

8089 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Copy/Paste for FormElements Carsten Rose 25.04.2024 15:25

Related to #18486 Actions
17998 QFQ Bug New High Curly braces: a) save as html-entity, b) stored procedure to convert to html-entity Carsten Rose 25.04.2024 13:37

18479 QFQ Feature New Normal QFQ Update: a) 'once', b) full version string in 'Form' description Carsten Rose 25.04.2024 13:27

18481 QFQ Feature New High thumbnail: when missing placeholder (no exception) Carsten Rose 25.04.2024 13:27

17992 QFQ Bug ToDo Normal filepond: Filter on file extension is case dependent Carsten Rose 25.04.2024 13:04

18480 QFQ Support In Progress Normal QFQ Merge request machen Carsten Rose 25.04.2024 12:45

18031 QFQ Bug In Progress Normal PHPUnit-Tests funktionieren nicht mit der neuen PHP-Version Carsten Rose 14.04.2024 12:08

Related to #17257 Actions
18244 QFQ Feature Feedback Normal Filepond / Upload: Update documentation Carsten Rose 12.04.2024 16:40

5782 QFQ Feature ToDo Normal NextCloud API Carsten Rose 08.04.2024 08:40

17647 QFQ Feature Priorize Normal Chat Ratchet Websocket Server: a) start on boot, b) multiple racthet instances, c) update QFQ not to start/stop, d) Update installation doc Carsten Rose 08.04.2024 08:40

5305 QFQ Bug New Normal Upload FormElement: nicht disabled by readonly Form Carsten Rose 03.04.2024 10:25

Related to #9347, Related to #9834 Actions
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