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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated OS / Services % Done Related issues
15866 QFQ Bug New Normal FE.type=checkbox: error message 'empty sql1, itemlist' even if FE is hidden. Support: Web 02.03.2024 19:53

15524 QFQ Feature New Normal Generic Report Page Support: Web 02.03.2024 19:53

Related to #15526 Actions
15490 QFQ Feature New Normal new: extraButtonClass: a) New default: btn-info, b) configurabl per Instance, Form, FormElement Support: Web 02.03.2024 19:53

15451 QFQ Bug New Normal Resubmit on form opened in new tab and set to forward=close is possible Support: Web 02.03.2024 19:53

15413 QFQ Feature New Normal '... AS _monitor': line wrap, search, select text, syntax highlight Support: Web 02.03.2024 19:53

15237 QFQ Feature New Normal Inspiration Filemaker: Search/Filter via Detailform Support: Web 02.03.2024 19:53

15235 QFQ Feature New Normal Security Scanner Open Source Luecken: Integrieren in unsere Build Chain. Support: Web 02.03.2024 19:53

15104 QFQ Feature New Normal MultiForm functionality in a regular form Support: Web 02.03.2024 19:53

16348 QFQ Bug New Normal Typeahead + extraButtonInfo: no rendered as Button Group Support: Web 02.03.2024 19:52

17945 QFQ Bug New Normal Values given to the parameters: typeAheadLimit and typeAheadMinLength are not saved Support: Web 19.02.2024 20:25

17230 QFQ Feature New Normal FE: TAG / itemlist Element Support: Web 09.11.2023 21:29

17237 QFQ Feature New Normal Picture: remove background Support: Web 09.11.2023 21:29

Related to #18396 Actions
17250 QFQ Feature New Normal Refactor wrapping of Report SQL Content Support: Web 09.11.2023 21:29

10114 QFQ Feature New Normal Symbol (Link): 'G:' (Glyphicon) replaced by 'i:' (icon) Support: Web 04.11.2023 21:17

Related to #3797, Related to #4194 Actions
880 QFQ Feature New Normal Security: PHP, SQL Injection, XSS Support: Web 04.11.2023 21:16

Related to #14320, Related to #17216 Actions
12532 QFQ Feature New Normal SIP-Parameter bei Seitenaufruf in Browser-Console anzeigen Support: Web 31.10.2023 16:23

Related to #11893, Related to #14187 Actions
17112 QFQ Feature New Normal Loading icons CSS library Support: Web 24.10.2023 08:50

17108 QFQ Feature New Normal Sanitize class replace dangerous characters Support: Web 12.10.2023 17:14

16580 QFQ Bug New Normal custom.css Typo3 handling Support: Web 07.10.2023 14:15

16018 QFQ Feature New Normal Form in multi column layout Support: Web 07.10.2023 14:12

16036 QFQ Feature New Normal Remove JS: jQWidgets Support: Web 07.10.2023 14:12

Related to #16037 Actions
16114 QFQ Bug New Normal Subrecords / columns with buttons: elements on top of each other Support: Web 07.10.2023 14:10

16172 QFQ Feature New Normal Tablesorter: Update {{10.10.line.count}} after every sort Support: Web 07.10.2023 14:09

16734 QFQ Bug New Normal Form: Label 'for' muss auf 'id' zeigen - aktuell geht es auf 'name'. Support: Web 07.10.2023 13:43

7602 QFQ Feature New Normal Multi Select: with checkboxes Support: Web 07.10.2023 13:32

Related to #10119 Actions
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